Zero nitrite ham is essential in supermarkets

You slowly cut the slice of the ham in half. Then you form a small roll with one of the halves – the same one you serve your children, with pasta, every other evening. You finally bring the meat to your mouth. In front of you, Fleury Michon’s Marketing Director, David Garbous, holds his breath. Half banter, half serious, he told you over and over again that you were “the first journalist” to test his novelty. Big pressure. Your verdict will be his salvation, or his downfall. And so ? His ham is… good. Soft without being pasty, a fairly marked aroma of vegetable broth, and this touch of acidity from cooked meats sold sliced ​​in plastic. In short, a real taste of supermarket ham.

However, this one is not quite identical to the others. It is beige and not candy pink. It’s a little saltier than usual. And it will keep in your fridge for just eight days, instead of the usual twenty-one days. Why these exemptions? Because this ham is “zero nitrite”. On sale as a test since the beginning of January in Système U supermarkets, the “Fleury Michon zero nitrite ham” should take place next to Herta’s “Bon Paris” in many brands on April 1, at a higher recommended price of around 15 % ham with reduced salt content: 1.79 euro for 70 g (two slices).

Let’s face it, it feels a bit like advertising a giant that doesn’t need it – Fleury Michon, French market leader

To read the remaining 81%,
test the offer at 1 € without obligation.

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