“Zain” wins 6 titles at the ceremony of “Kuwait Innovation Award”

The company won in the categories of TV and digital advertising, public relations, and the best electronic application

Console Zain
– God will not forget us »is one of the leading search engines on a large regional and global scale

– «Stand high» … The National embodied the most prominent achievements of Kuwait in all fields, past and present

Zain Telecommunications Company won 6 awards in the fields of creativity within the activities of the “Kuwait Prize for Creativity for the Eighth Year”, on the sidelines of the virtual ceremony of the Arab Media Forum, which was organized this time through visual communication technology with the participation of elite media professionals and makers of television and digital content in the Arab world Under the auspices of the Secretary General of the League of Arab States, Ahmed Aboul Gheit.

The company won in the categories of television and digital advertising, public relations, and the best government electronic application “Shlonak”, in recognition of its media and advertising message excellence, and its continuous activity in the production of meaningful content related to all societal groups in all events and events during the year 2020.

The new device in the

The company stated in a statement that the six awards it won included the Impact category for announcing the blessed month of Ramadan, “Zain Consolation – God Will Not Forget Us” produced by “Joy”, and the National Business category for its announcement of the National Day celebrations “Stand Up” produced by “Joy” And the effect category for announcing Eid al-Fitr “Open the doors” produced by “Joy”, and the category of the idea of ​​announcing the role of the mother during the Corona pandemic, “The Mother of the Unknown Soldier” produced by “Senyar”.

She pointed out that it won the award for the best government application for the “Shlonec” application, which it developed in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and the Central Agency for Information Technology, and the Innovation Award in Public Relations that it presented to the CEO of Relations and Communications Walid Al-Khashti.

Zain indicated that the annual ceremony that was held this year through visual communication technology, due to the restrictions and requirements imposed by the “Covid-19” pandemic, witnessed the presence of many media agencies and creative personalities in the media, advertising and artistic fields at the local and regional levels, and a large number of senior Kuwaiti artists. And the Gulf and influential figures in the Arab media.

Mouwasat Zain

The creativity category prize for Zain’s announcement for the blessed month of Ramadan, “Zain Consolation – God Will Not Forget Us,” came after this advertisement topped the list of search engines on a large regional and global scale, and topped the list of the most searched and viewed on Google and social networking platforms.

The 2.35-minute ad has surpassed 12 million views within a short period of its launch, and has so far garnered nearly 40 million views.

The idea of ​​announcing “consolation Zain” was widely appreciated, reflected in the positive global interaction with the noble message presented by the company in these exceptional circumstances, as the shock caused by the Corona pandemic made the world without exception, his words reach the heart before the mind, so the words “God will not forget us” “And he will enrich us with it on his behalf” to reveal the state of hope and hope that the peoples of the world are going through, as they confront the ferocity of this pandemic.

The staff witnessed many apologies due to the fear of the spread of the Corona virus, but the company’s team succeeded in overcoming these challenges, to complete this humanitarian message, especially since the exceptional situations that everyone is going through, was the motivation that was relied upon to contribute to alleviating the suffering in this the crisis.

The staff was distinguished by the multiplicity and diversity of content industry experiences in this advertisement, as its idea came from the team at “Zain Kuwait”, and the members of the film crew from Egypt, while the director of the work, Samir Abboud, from Lebanon, was produced by “Joy” production agency, and the words are by the writer. Heba Hamada, composed by Bashar Al Shatti, composed by Michel Fadel and Rabih Sidawi, and the vocal performance of the artist, Rama Rabat.

“Stand high” … the patriot

In this annual Arab event, Zain also won the creativity category prize for its national work “Stand Up”, which achieved more than two million views during the first ten days of its official launch on its official YouTube channel, in conjunction with Kuwait’s celebrations of holidays. Patriotism.

“Zain” launched its national work “Stand Up”, as its annual habit, to celebrate the national holidays of Kuwait, which the Kuwaiti people live in every February, and this work embodied the highest national feelings and values, with the presence of a group of prominent Kuwaiti figures who were distinguished in raising the name of the state high In various fields, as he reviewed a number of historical achievements that are unique to them in the past and the present.

The company explained that its national work was honored by the presence of a constellation of prominent Kuwaiti figures who contributed to drawing their artistic, sports, cultural and other history and other fields, the artist Abdullah Al-Ruwaished, the star of the Kuwaiti national football team, “the terrifying” Jassem Yaqoub, the great media figure Majed Al-Shatti, and the able artist Maryam The good.

“Zain” stated that the idea of ​​its national work “Stand Up” centered around reviewing a set of historical achievements that were unique to Kuwait in the past and present in various fields, such as its distinction in holding the first parliament in the history of the Arabian Peninsula, and being the first Arab Asian country to participate in the finals. The World Cup, with its construction of the first café that brings together rulers and people to consult on political and economic issues, and its production of the movie “Bas Ya Bahr”, which is considered the first in the Gulf to win 9 international awards, and being the first Gulf country to establish an official television station, and many other honorable achievements.

Tag values

“Zain” expressed its thanks and appreciation to all those who contributed to the success of this national work, headed by the able artist Abdullah Al-Ruwaished, the star of the Kuwaiti national team Jassem Yaqoub, the able journalist Majed Al-Shatti, and the able artist Maryam Al-Saleh, in addition to the poet Yusef Al-Shatti who excelled in writing the words of the work in the language Classical Arabic, researcher and historian Fahd Al-Abd Al-Jalil, and members of the team full of young Kuwaiti talents, who worked hard behind the scenes, especially directing by Salem Al-Turk, composing by Bashar Al-Shatti, distribution by Rabie Al-Sidawi, the wonderful musical performance of Turkish distributor Ismail Tunesh, and the team of the company “Joy” Productions represented by Mai Al-Saleh, and the team of “PH All Over”.

Zain stated that it is keen to ensure that the timeline of its advertisements reflects the values ​​of its brand, as it considers that its goals extend beyond providing only telecommunications services. It will not be seen as a brand that serves all aspects of life, and it shares with its communities the events, occasions and issues that affect the most in all times.

The company confirmed that winning the prizes highlights the excellence of its marketing and advertising activities and its keenness to activate this aspect in it, stressing its belief in the importance of the media through its traditional and modern means and its great influence.

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