Zain: We believe in the role of the private sector in supporting the creative system locally

Zain Telecom has concluded its sponsorship of the summer session of the “Al-Qabas Master Class Summer Program”, which was organized by the Al-Qabas Media Corporation over a period of 3 weeks, with the aim of contributing to the development of media competencies according to the highest professional and creative standards, and to achieve leadership in the field of training and professional professional media development in Kuwait.

Zain participated in the closing ceremony of the program at the Opera Theater at the Cultural Center of the American University of the Middle East (AUM) in the Egaila region, which witnessed the presence of Hamad Al-Musaibeh, Director of Institutional Relations Department, Nasser Al-Momen, Executive Director of Al-Qabas Media Corporation, male and female trainees, their families, lecturers and sponsors.

Zain’s support for this program stems from its belief in the importance of the role of the private sector in supporting the creative system in the country and embracing the future of Kuwaiti youth. Through its support for many academic events such as training programs, workshops and job fairs, it relies on attracting and developing national competencies capable of enriching society.

Zain affirmed its commitment to support the youth sector, which we consider one of the sectors that fall at the top of its priorities because of its pivotal role in the development process, pointing to its participation in providing one of the program’s training courses, introducing the trainees to its pioneering experience in the field of public relations and media, and introducing them to them On the nature of the work and strategies of the relations and communications sector in the company, and its role in promoting the organization’s brand.

Zain introduced the trainees to the most important tasks of the relations and communications sector, the importance of the sector and its role in communicating with society, and the strategies followed in each of its departments, which include institutional relations, media relations and social media, social responsibility and sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship.

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