Zain vaccinates its employees against “Corona”

Zain organized a campaign to vaccinate the Corona vaccine for its employees at its headquarters in Shuwaikh, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, as part of the state’s efforts to enhance community immunity to confront the pandemic.

The company explained in a statement that it considers itself a major partner of the Ministry of Health and state institutions in protecting society from the repercussions of the pandemic, and that it has been keen, since the first days of the crisis, to respond effectively to the efforts of the various ministries and institutions in the country, by supporting initiatives and programs that helped reduce the consequences of the pandemic health, economic and social.

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Zain indicated that the internal vaccination campaign it organized came in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, and included all its employees, and employees of points of sale working in various regions of the country.

The Vice Chairman and CEO of Zain, Bader Nasser Al-Kharafi, expressed his appreciation to the “Health” officials for their response, and the keenness to be present at the company’s headquarters to organize a campaign to vaccinate the Corona vaccine for its employees, and to ensure its effective functioning.

He added, “All thanks and appreciation to the staff of the Ministry of Health for the efforts they are making, which are part of the state’s efforts to reach community immunity, and all the greetings to the state’s institutions and bodies and the heroes of the first ranks.”

I hope that these initiatives will have a positive impact on enhancing societal immunity, and supporting the efforts made by the Ministry of Health to protect society from the pandemic.

spirit of responsibility

Over the past 18 months, Zain has demonstrated the spirit of responsibility as a national institution that knows its social obligations and duties, by harnessing its human and technological capabilities and capabilities in cooperation with various ministries and government agencies, and launching many awareness, health and community initiatives to ensure the health and safety of society.

The company has been keen to continue to support social, educational and cultural initiatives, which are always among the first to support them annually in cooperation with its most prominent strategic partners, but in a hypothetical form this time, in compliance with official health requirements and instructions to ensure the safety of all.

Zain’s tireless efforts extended throughout the year in launching community initiatives and adopting health and social programs, among others, in addition to dealing with this crisis in the spirit of national participation, under the umbrella of its strategy for sustainability and social responsibility, and as one of the largest national companies in the private sector.

The company revealed the nature of the initiatives and businesses that private sector institutions can contribute to during adversity and crises, and the real support they can provide to government sectors, and help them in facing this pandemic.

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