Zain sponsors the first electric car exhibition

Zain announced its main sponsorship of the Kuwait Electric Vehicle Show under the slogan “Green Kuwait”, the first exhibition of its kind in the country specialized in displaying the latest types of electric and hybrid cars in the Kuwaiti market, and introducing the public to their importance in reducing carbon emissions and mitigating climate change.

Zain participated in the exhibition through its own pavilion, through which it showcased the latest solar and photovoltaic technology solutions and technologies in cooperation with its global partner Huawei, where it introduced visitors to the exhibition about the qualitative leap that solar energy innovations will make in preserving natural resources and reducing the effects of solar energy. Climate change, especially as it is one of the sustainable solutions to supply electric cars with renewable energy.

The company explained that the Kuwait Electric Vehicle Show (Green Kuwait) is distinguished by being a unique gathering to introduce the public to the latest models of electric and hybrid cars available in the Kuwaiti market, with the participation of six agencies representing major international brands, and aims to gather representatives of the government and private sectors to emphasize the role Positive and effective electric vehicles in reducing the effects of climate change and contributing to achieving carbon neutrality.

She pointed to her recent participation in the World Digital Energy Summit 2021 organized by Huawei on the sidelines of GITEX in Dubai, which aimed to enable organizations to seize the opportunities inherent in renewable energy by relying on digital technologies to achieve sustainability goals.

Zain stated that it participates in global efforts dealing with digital energy business, as hopes are placed on advancing digital transformation in the energy sector to eliminate carbon emissions, as it looks forward to the success of these efforts that seek to integrate digital and electrical technologies to generate safe energy, which began It is witnessing a greater acceleration after the pandemic, indicating that the technological sectors are currently looking to rely on safe energy, especially with the stage of economic recovery in its contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

telecom industry

Zain indicated that the telecommunications industry is taking collaborative measures to be completely transparent about the climate emissions resulting from that industry, and has developed a roadmap for climate action at the industry level, with the aim of achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. And reduce carbon emissions by 50 percent by 2030 in line with the Paris climate agreement.

She stated that “Zain” is one of the 50 mobile telecommunications companies that make up more than two-thirds of the mobile telecommunications companies in the world, which disclose their climate impacts and greenhouse gas emissions.

sustainable development

Zain made it clear that it is working to unleash the many opportunities offered by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and as part of these efforts, it was keen to be a member of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), when it took a decisive step in disclosing its climate impacts. and its energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, and is now rated in this global project in Management Scope (B), making it the first telecom company in the Middle East and Africa region to achieve this classification in the areas of addressing climate change.

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