Zain sponsored the Arabian Gulf Theatre.

Zain Telecom sponsored the Arab Gulf Theater Troupe, which represented Kuwait at the conclusion of the International Free Theater Festival in the Jordanian capital, Amman, during which it won many prestigious awards, most notably the award for the best show at the festival.

Zain’s support for the troupe, which was founded by a group of theatrical movement pioneers in Kuwait in 1963, stems from its belief in the important role of the Kuwaiti private sector in supporting the various cultural, artistic and theatrical efforts in the country, which would contribute to the renaissance and advancement of the country, and put an influential imprint on the social fabric.

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The Arab Gulf Theater Troupe recently participated in the seventeenth edition of the International Free Theater Festival, in the Jordanian capital, Amman, at the Royal Cultural Center, during which it won a number of awards after its distinguished performance. Actress Fatima Al-Osaimi won the Best Actress award, while actor Faisal Al-Saffar received the arbitration award.

Zain stressed its interest in supporting and supporting initiatives and projects that enrich the artistic and tourism movement in the country, and that it spares no effort in providing support to any party that has an idea and vision characterized by creativity and serves the community and the national economy, especially those that aim to enhance Kuwaiti culture and heritage, and enhance its honorable history. theatrical accomplishments.

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