“Zain” sings the love of Kuwait: “Sing its sweetness: From Zain to me Zain to Azayen”

Zain launched its national work for the year 2021, “Sing to its solution: from Zain to me Zain to Azayen”, which is a beautiful artwork that witnessed the participation of the great artist, Suleiman Al-Qassar, and the young national faces Hanin Al-Kandari and Nasser Al-Mashari, as the great artist sang the words of the poet Saher and the music of the artist Bashar Al-Shatti, directed by Khaled Al-Rifai, with the participation of a group of Kuwaiti sons and daughters.

The company revealed its new work, as its annual habit, to celebrate the national holidays that the Kuwaiti people live in in the month of February, especially since this year witnesses the 60th anniversary of Kuwait’s independence and the 30th anniversary of its liberation.

The work embodied the highest feelings and national values ​​through its wonderful words and beautiful melodies that touched the patriotic sense, and won more than a million views during the first days of its launch on the official “Zain” channel on “YouTube”.

Zain explained that the current conditions in Kuwait and the whole world have inspired it to choose a fast-paced and cheerful melody mixed with optimistic words for the future of the nation, so that the short, locally famous for his creativity and unique in wedding weddings, performs the “bride” Kuwait and sings her beauty in cheerful tunes. Kuwaiti weddings, the company chose Haneen Al Kandari and Nasir Al-Mishari to perform some work paragraphs, believing in the talent and creativity of Kuwaiti youth who know no boundaries.

The company indicated that it had organized a virtual party live on the air through its official account in “Instagram” to celebrate the launch of its new national work, as it attracted a large number of its followers and customers who were keen to follow up and learn about the story of preparing the work behind the scenes, in addition to participating in the distinct entertainment and national paragraphs that Presented by the distinguished journalist Hamad Qalam.

The company pointed out that it has distributed many valuable prizes, smart devices, accessories, etc. to the participants in the ceremony, as it was keen to celebrate national holidays with its customers and all the Kuwaiti people by default, in compliance with government guidelines and in support of the great efforts made by front-row members in protecting the health and safety of society.

Zain affirmed that it is always keen to participate in the joy and joy of national holidays in a distinct and unique way, indicating that the national work for this year met with great approval in the first few days of its launch, and its words and melodies touched the national sense on this precious occasion.

“Zain” expressed its thanks and appreciation to all those who contributed to the success of this national work, on top of them the short, Kandari and Mashari for the unique performance, the poet Saher, who excelled in writing the words of the work, and the artist Bashar Al Shatti for the beautiful melodies in the work, the distinguished direction of Khaled Al-Rifai, and the musical distribution. Najm, the mixing of Rabih Al-Sidawi, the voice recording of Ahmed Al-Hatti, the selection of talents for Fikra Art Production Company, the artistic direction of Sarah Al-Muhanna, the photography direction of Muhammad Samir, and the team of “Joy” for artistic production represented by May Al-Saleh, and the team of the group “PH All Over”.

The company noted that this work strengthens its tireless efforts to achieve effective community participation, and that it is working hard to achieve this goal, and that it is keen on continuous support and effective participation in national events and occasions, and it is noteworthy that the work can be viewed by visiting (https: // youtu) .be / A6E2d7UR6_k).

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