Zain signs a partnership agreement with PASS

Zain announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with Kuwait’s “PASS” application, the first of its kind innovative smart car parking management system in the Middle East, to enable postpaid customers to enjoy the parking system and reserve parking in advance with ease, exclusively through the “Zain” line. And without the need to constantly recharge the balance within the application.

The company stated in a press statement that its cooperation with this unique platform comes under the umbrella of its strategy to strengthen its digital partnerships, with the aim of expanding the package of innovative services and solutions it provides to its customers, which include smart phone applications and innovative electronic services that provide added value to the user. Zain is always keen to provide a renewed list of the most distinguished services to meet the needs and aspirations of its customer base, which is considered the largest in the Kuwaiti market.

Zain indicated that postpaid customers can now enjoy the services provided by the “PASS” application with ease when linking their account with the “Zain” line, which includes the parking system and pre-booking parking, without the need to constantly fill the balance within the application, as All the customer has to do is choose Zain as his preferred payment method within the application and follow the instructions shown to link the “Zain” postpaid line with the “PASS” account, and then the parking fee will be automatically added to the monthly bill every time the customer uses the application.

The company explained that “PASS” is considered the first smart parking management system in the Middle East, and is designed to make the parking experience more efficient, as the application uses automatic recognition technology on the number plate to allow cars to enter or exit the parking area with ease, by Other than the need to use parking tickets and pay cash or coins, in addition to the pre-reservation service for some sites, which allows the user to reserve his own car park before arriving at the site.


The “PASS” service is currently available in Al Hamra Tower, Souk Al Kuwait – Real Estate, Souk Al Mubarakiya, “Yal Mall,” Al Watania Mall, “Shuwaikh 125” and Baitak Tower. A pre-booking service is also available in the Avenues Mall and Mourouj. Many new locations will be added to the service soon, most notably Crystal Tower, Al Messil Market, Terrace Mall, Mazaya Clinics, and Sun City.

Through holding such digital partnerships, Zain seeks to support and meet the aspirations and needs of its customers by offering the latest innovative services and technologies. Distinctive and unique on its network.

While the company confirmed that it is always looking forward to new stages of exclusivity and excellence with its customers in all the services and products it offers, it has made it clear at the same time that it is consolidating through the contract of this partnership its constant quest to keep pace with the aspirations of its customers of various interests and age groups, explaining that it will always fulfill its promises. Providing the best services and the latest technology.

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