“Zain” reopens the “Farwaniya” branch in a new look … with a set of digital services

A special corner for the 5G experience and innovative “Zain Life” solutions

Zain Telecom Company has reopened its main branch in Farwaniya area in a new look, which is the branch whose design goes beyond the traditional concept of the branch, and contains the latest electronic products and smart devices from major global brands, and provides a set of digital services to customers who make up the largest subscriber family in Kuwait .

In a statement, the company stated that it celebrated this occasion with its customers by presenting valuable gifts and smart devices to the first 100 customers who visited the branch to conduct any transaction.

Zain’s plan to reopen the branch in its new form came after the great success of a group of other branches, including the branches of Mushrif Cooperative Society, Kuwait International Airport and Al Hamra Shopping Center, which were recently reopened with the same concept, and which is considered the first of its kind for a telecom company in Kuwait.

“Zain” stated that its new branch in Farwaniya area, located opposite Ali Fahd Al-Duwailah Street, is distinguished by providing its latest special and exclusive offers to its customers from the postpaid and prepaid categories, in addition to providing all kinds of digital services and care services.

She stated that it provides in the branch a range of the latest electronic devices and original accessories, for technology lovers of major international brands, which include laptops, electronic games devices, drones, headphones of all kinds, protection covers, and others.

The company added that its new branch also contains a special corner to experience its ultra-fast 5G network, the opportunity to learn about all that this revolutionary technology offers, in addition to a special corner for the innovative solutions and services of the “Zain LIFE” brand in the fields of home security, which includes smart home security solutions. Such as smart surveillance cameras, motion sensors, smart smoke detector, and others.

Zain affirmed its full commitment to implementing all official health procedures and requirements in the new branch, to preserve the safety of its customers and employees, both in terms of health measures such as sterilization and temperature measurement, and the social requirements represented in the application of social distancing rules and others.

The company indicated that it applies many strict health measures in all its branches spread across the country, which include disinfection and sterilization of branches, furniture and devices used in them, thermal cameras to monitor body temperature remotely, and transparent barriers to securely separate customers and branch employees while conducting transactions, with the possibility Sound flows seamlessly to achieve the best customer service experience possible.

Zain added that all its branches and self-service devices contain posters and instructional panels to remind customers of the health procedures and social distancing rules that must be followed when waiting, indicating that some seats inside it were closed to ensure that enough space was left between customers when sitting.

Employee training

The company confirmed its training of branch employees on all health requirements, including wearing masks continuously, and not allowing entry to anyone who does not adhere to official health procedures, or who has an above-normal body temperature, revealing that the branches are periodically disinfected and sterilized before they are opened, and the payment devices sterilized ( K-net) and the pens used for signing immediately after each transaction, in addition to keeping any necessary official papers in a safe and undisclosed place.

She stressed that it seeks to change the old concept of the branches, to move its customers to a new stage of services, which provide an exceptional and renewed concept, through the availability of the latest types of smart devices, communication services, modern electronic touch screens, various accessories and others, indicating that it provides its branches with the latest supplies and solutions. Technology that permanently and continuously creates a rich customer experience.

The company added that it has reopened a number of other branches, with the aim of providing the same unique experience to its customers in the largest possible number of regions, which include the branches of the Mushrif Cooperative Society, Kuwait International Airport, Al Hamra Shopping Center, Saad Al Abdullah Society, Al Salam Society, and Mubarak Society Al-Abdullah, Jabriya area, Qurain markets, and Hawalli branch.

Zain pointed out that it is always looking for the most prominent requirements and needs of its customers, foremost among which is the convenience of the customer, completing his transactions at the required speed, being at the nearest point, and that it will not hesitate to provide services according to the best international standards in order to raise the level of quality and performance of its branches and its human energies, in line with Its leadership and growth in its customer base, which is the largest in Kuwait.

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