Zain puts the final touches to decorate the entrance to the Capital Governorate

Zain received the Governor of the capital, Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, at its headquarters in Shuwaikh, in the presence of Zain Kuwait CEO Iman Al-Roudhan and executive management officials, to see the final steps of the project of decorating and greening the main entrance to the capital.

The company stated in a statement that the visit of the governor of the capital coincided with the imminent start of work on the project, which was announced last May, as it was chosen to develop the main entrance to the governorate and provide maintenance for it, in a step that reflects the role of private sector institutions in achieving sustainable development. In cooperation with the public sector.

Al-Roudhan said, “I was pleased to receive my brother, the governor of the capital, Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled, to put the final touches on our joint project plan, which we are proud to have chosen (Zain) to implement, especially as it is the national operator in the country and one of the most pioneering companies in the Kuwaiti private sector.”

“During the meeting, we discussed the final design of the monument, which (Zain) will undertake the task of constructing at the main entrance to the capital governorate, which we were keen to reflect the authentic Kuwaiti heritage identity, which will present a civilized image of the country,” Al-Roudhan said.

She added, “We strongly believe in the strategic and important role that the Kuwaiti private sector plays in implementing the country’s development plans in all its fields, and this partnership is only an actual translation of that, and for this we were keen to be proactive in supporting the governorate’s vision to beautify the sites and areas in them, especially its main entrance, which is considered It is the first stop for the country’s capital, and we look forward to sharing the fruits of this project with the Kuwaiti community.”

For his part, Talal Al-Khaled stressed the importance of the partnership between the public and private sectors, pointing out that the cooperation with Zain in the project to decorate the capital since last May, which is the erection of a monument at its main entrance, falls under this framework, and is a purely Kuwaiti fingerprint indicating the identity of The heritage of Kuwait, especially since the planner and implementer of this project is a partnership between the Capital Governorate on the one hand, and Zain, which is one of the leading Kuwaiti institutions in the private sector.

Al-Khaled expressed his thanks and appreciation to “Zain” and those in charge of this pioneering project, hoping that it would give a civilized image of the country, and be a title for the vision of beautifying and developing the capital.

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