“Zain” presented the “Ramadan meal” to social welfare homes

The Ramadan campaign comes under the umbrella of Zain’s social responsibility strategy to secure the needs of vulnerable families

Zain announced that it has provided the “Ramadan Mabel” to the social welfare homes of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Community Development, in continuation of its initiative that was launched before the beginning of the holy month, with the aim of providing it to the residents of care homes of the elderly, orphans and people with special needs, and to secure their basic food supplies .

In a press release, the company stated that its initiative to provide the “mawla” began before the beginning of the holy month and in cooperation with a number of its strategic partners, as officials of the executive management in “Zain” visited the administration of social care homes to present the “money”, in the presence of the Assistant Undersecretary for Social Welfare, Muslim Al-Subaie, and Walid Al-Khashti, CEO of Relations and Communications at Zain Kuwait, with the presence of officials from both sides.

Dana Al Jassim

“Zain” explained that this initiative is considered one of the tributaries of its annual Ramadan campaign “Zain Al-Shahr”, which came under the umbrella of its strategy for social responsibility and sustainability to secure the needs of needy families inside the country. Oncost Company, which is considered one of the largest food and consumer goods stores in Kuwait, in order to give the management the opportunity to choose the materials that suit the needs of the residents of the care homes according to their different personal needs.

The company launched its Ramadan campaign “Zain Al-Shahir” with the “Ramadan Mabel” initiative in cooperation with a number of its strategic partners, including the Kuwait Food and Relief Bank. 10,000 people inside Kuwait, and it was distributed through dedicated windows for the passage of cars, in compliance with health requirements and to preserve the health of the beneficiaries from the risk of infection that accompanies gatherings.

Zain indicated that it had provided “money” through purchasing vouchers in cooperation with “Oncost”, in order to give each family the opportunity to choose the materials they prefer according to their needs. The vouchers were presented to a number of non-profit entities from Zain’s partners, including the association. The Kuwaiti Red Crescent, the social care homes of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Community Development, the Kuwait Food and Relief Bank, and the Patient Relief Fund Association.

Zain explained that its plan to cover the needs of the holy month included the distribution of purchasing vouchers to the largest official authorities at the level of Kuwait, in order to ensure that they reach the largest possible number of needy and needy families in sufficient time before the advent of the holy month of Ramadan, in addition to its coincidence this year with the continuing conditions of the pandemic. “Zain” hopes that this initiative will have a great impact on enhancing its contributions and commitments to various segments of society during these circumstances.

She stated that, as the leading provider of digital services in Kuwait, Zain strives to serve its community and its individuals by organizing and supporting valuable humanitarian initiatives throughout the year in general and in the blessed month of Ramadan in particular, because of the meanings and values ​​that this month carries that reinforce the culture of giving and giving in The different spectrums of society.

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