Zain organizes the “Healthy Day”

Zain Telecom organized a “Healthy Day” event for its employees at its headquarters in Shuwaikh, during which it hosted on a weekly basis a number of doctors, specialists and consultants, who participated in many awareness and medical activities, which covered various specialties and important health aspects.

This initiative came under the umbrella of Zain’s internal strategy aimed at paying attention to the various functional and life aspects of its employees, so that the company is constantly keen to enrich direct and effective communication with its human cadres inside and outside the work framework, in various health, cultural, sports, recreational and other aspects, especially as it considers its working employees The main reason for its success and its leadership position in the Kuwaiti telecom sector.

The Healthy Day event presented several dialogue sessions on the most important health aspects, such as diet programs and the correct methods for weight loss with internal medicine doctor and therapeutic nutrition, Samer Ashour, mental health and life balance with psychiatrist Muhammad Al-Suwaidan, and important health habits in the work environment with a medical consultant. Family Ahmed Abdul Malik, Heart Health with Consultant Cardiac Surgeon Muhammad Al-Banna, Consultant Cardiac Catheterization Dirar Al-Khudair, and Breast Cancer Awareness with Consultant Oncologist Noha Al-Saleh, all of which witnessed a great presence and interaction from Zain employees.

The Health Day event also included a number of medical activities that provided the opportunity for Zain employees to monitor their general health while they were at the workplace, such as basic periodic check-ups for blood pressure and sugar, etc., and the provision of seasonal and winter vaccinations such as influenza vaccination and vaccination against pneumonia bacteria.

Zain stressed its keenness to continuously renew its cooperation with various medical authorities and institutions from the public and private sectors, to launch such health initiatives, hold awareness seminars and participate in health campaigns such as vaccination campaigns, blood donation and others.

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