“Zain” offers the “Ramadan meal” to secure the needs of impoverished families

Zain Telecom launched its first charitable initiative on the occasion of the approaching holy month of Ramadan, by presenting the “Ramadan Money” in cooperation with its strategic partner, Kuwait Food and Relief Bank, to be distributed to needy families inside Kuwait, to secure their basic food supply needs before the beginning of the holy month and during Pandemic conditions.

In a statement, the company stated that it had provided the “Ramadan money” in the stores of the Kuwaiti Food and Relief Bank in the Sulaibiya area, in the presence of the bank’s vice chairman, Mishaal Al-Ansari, and her team. Before entering the holy month.

“Zain” stated that the “Ramadan meal” will be distributed to needy families through dedicated windows for the passage of cars, in compliance with health requirements and to preserve the health of the beneficiaries from the risk of infection that accompanies gatherings.

The company indicated that the “Ramadan Mullah Ramadan” initiative is one of the tributaries of its annual Ramadan campaign “Zain Al-Shahir”, which comes under the umbrella of its strategy for social responsibility and sustainability to secure the needs of needy families inside the country, in cooperation with various approved charities, including the Kuwait Food and Relief Bank.

She added that her plan to cover the needs of the holy month includes distributing the “Ramadan meal” through more of the largest official charities in Kuwait, to ensure that it reaches the largest possible number of needy and needy families in sufficient time before the advent of the holy month of Ramadan.

She stated that the plan coincides this year with the pandemic, hoping that this initiative will have a great impact in enhancing their contributions and commitments to various groups of society during these circumstances.

She emphasized that, as the leading provider of digital services in Kuwait, it strives to serve its community and its individuals, by organizing and supporting valuable humanitarian initiatives throughout the year in general and in the blessed month of Ramadan in particular, due to the meanings and values ​​it carries that enhance the culture of giving and giving among the various spectrums of society.

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