Zain offers a package of the latest technology solutions for Remaya facilities

– Development of shooting systems and wireless control units and the provision of unmanned aircraft to photograph the company’s fields

Zain Telecom Company has signed a partnership agreement with the National Shooting Company (Remaya), which owns the Shooting Range Complex, to provide a set of the latest technology solutions, wireless communications, Internet services, surveillance systems, and others, with the aim of improving customer experience and developing its infrastructure in accordance with the highest international standards.

In a statement, the company stated that, according to this agreement, a set of the latest digital services and wireless communication solutions based on the most advanced global technologies will be provided, with the aim of serving the technical needs of “Remaya” according to the highest standards and specifications.

“Remaya” is the owner and operator of the shooting ranges complex, the only one of its kind in Kuwait, and one of the leading national companies that contribute to the provision of shooting sport activities of all kinds in a suitable environment and a safe environment, depending on international standards in terms of quality and safety.

“Zain” stated that the solutions that it will provide will include global solutions to develop the infrastructure for all “Remaya” facilities, supply, install and operate indoor and outdoor surveillance systems (CCTV), supply, install and operate Cisco Wi-Fi systems with the latest modern technology standards, and provide Internet services and voice communication with the latest Means of wireless technology in the market.

All shooting systems and wireless control units used within the range complex will be developed, and unmanned aircraft services will be provided to photograph all fields belonging to the company.

Zain has recently obtained 3 global certificates from Cisco, the world leader in the fields of communication technology and networks, which reflects its commitment to providing the latest and most advanced technological solutions, according to the highest international specifications and standards, to its customers in the business sector in Kuwait.

The first certification from Cisco, a partner certification specializing in advanced collaboration systems, recognizes Zain’s capabilities in relation to Cisco’s Unified Cloud Communications (HCS) solutions in the Kuwaiti market.

The second certificate, which is a certified partner for advanced managed and cloud services, confirms Zain’s capabilities in providing the latest cloud services and advanced managed services to corporate and corporate customers.

The third certificate recognizes that Zain is the main certified partner for Cisco. The services and solutions package it provides aims to raise operational efficiency and increase productivity in companies while providing the highest levels of security.

Integrated digital provider

Zain confirmed that it continues to achieve its strategy towards becoming the integrated digital provider, which reflects its commitment to pushing the wheel of digital transformation in Kuwait by contributing to the development of the local business sector, and that it considers itself an effective partner in making the future of smart life in Kuwait at all Levels, especially business areas.

The company indicated that its provision of these services and solutions to the National Shooting Company comes in line with its commitment to provide the latest and most advanced solutions for the Kuwaiti business sector, whether for large enterprises or small and medium companies, in accordance with the highest international specifications and standards, in line with its strategy for digital transformation that aims to empower the sector. More efficient business in the Kuwaiti market.

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