Zain launches ZTwentyTwo to support transformational initiatives in the business environment

Zain Group launched its new “ZTwentyTwo Z22” program for developing skills and training graduates, which is the updated version of its “CODE 7” program, which recently focused on computer science, data and software engineering.

In a statement, Zain announced that the new program, “ZTwentyTwo Z22”, selected 5 young graduates, to take on a series of challenges related to the areas of innovation, business strategies, sustainability, diversity and inclusion, business projects, communications, data science, business behavior, management and applications. and other areas related to innovation skills at work.

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The group revealed that the “Z22” program aims to nurture and develop innovative entrepreneurs and new thinkers who possess creative mindsets, etiquette, and the capabilities and skills necessary to achieve excellence. Building a team of talented young people.

Zain explained that this program, which was launched for the first time in 2016, enjoys a very high level of spread in Kuwait, pointing out that Z22 attracted participation requests from 187 candidates, noting that among these candidates, 86 were invited to conduct the round’s interviews. The first, and 40 for the second round, until only 10 were shortlisted, to conduct a series of evaluations, until only 5 candidates were selected to participate in the program’s activities.

The Vice Chairman and CEO of Zain, Bader Nasser Al-Kharafi, expressed his congratulations to the group of young graduates selected to participate in the activities of the new cycle of the program, and said that the updated version of our program for young graduates confirms the strategic directions of the group’s business in the field of digital innovations, which is an extension of For its series of programs targeting talented national youth, who are eager to participate in the business environment.

Al-Kharafi affirmed Zain’s belief that new business leaders need special care, and those who help them stimulate a spirit of challenge within themselves, and that this is the aim of launching this program for young graduates, who have a strong sense of leadership and an understanding and knowledge of the effects of technology and sustainability.

Al-Kharafi expressed his confidence that the participants in the “Z22” program will continue to have more positive impacts on the group’s plans and work in digital innovations, which are expected to have qualitative effects in the telecommunications and information technology industry.

Objectives of «CODE 7»

During the last year, “CODE 7” targeted 5 Kuwaiti graduates who specialized in all fields related to computer science, data and software engineering. and developing skill sets to suit those future needs.

The CODE 7 program recorded remarkable success in the last year, as it included a 6-month course in cooperation with the University of Texas on machine learning, artificial intelligence, data analytics, data science, behavioral development, and specifically in the areas of creativity, innovation, leadership and business etiquette.

The program succeeded in introducing the participants to external activities with “NXN” company, the operating arm of Zain Group in smart cities, and “Tamam” company for financial technology in Saudi Arabia; and departments responsible for digital services.

As a culmination of this successful version of the program, 2 full-time employees were appointed to the new technology entity of Zain Group (Zain Tech), as machine learning software developers, and a graduate was appointed in Investment Management and Digital Transformation.

Developing the capabilities of the participants

The selected group of the “Z22” program, which includes Dana Najm, Fahd Al-Shammari, Fajr Al-Sabah, Ghanima Al-Qudhaibi and Lulwa Al-Taher, will participate in a series of events and initiatives that address cognitive skills, interpersonal skills, self-leadership, digital literacy, and sustainable thinking. They will be mentored throughout the current year, as the group looks forward to continuing to contribute to supporting the digital transformation efforts of its strategic plans.

Zain seeks, through its initiatives in such programs, to invest in young national talents, to qualify new talents and generations of entrepreneurs, stimulate their knowledge capabilities, and help them develop ideas using modern methods that take into account the optimal business environment.

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