Zain launches the environmental “#DoYourRole”

Zain Telecom launched an awareness campaign through its official channels on social networks under the title “#DoYourRole”, to enhance its social role in spreading environmental awareness, and to emphasize the importance of preserving natural resources.

The CEO of Relations and Communications at the company, Walid Al-Khashti, said that the launch of the “#Do your role” campaign is part of Zain’s strategy for social responsibility and sustainability, through which it is committed to building plans to confront climate change and contribute to reducing carbon emissions in line with the Paris Agreement (2015). Emphasizing its keenness to spread environmental awareness and a culture of resource conservation, and its belief that the awareness aspect is no less important than other activities.

Al-Khashti stated that the company is aware of the urgent need to address the climate crisis that the world is currently facing, noting that in order to achieve sustainable growth, the environment must be protected and its resources preserved.

He stressed Zain’s keenness to support various initiatives that serve the areas of sustainability and the environment, as it is a very important issue in everyone’s life, as its social mission seeks to preserve the environment, enhance awareness of the importance of each individual’s role in reducing consumption, and implement rationalization, recycling and other sustainable concepts. The mission that will contribute to mitigating the effects of climate change.

Al-Khashti indicated that “through this campaign, we are using our official channels on social media to publish many important environmental information and facts that many people may overlook, and which show the devastating impact of climate change on human health and the environment, and we hope that this campaign will have an impact Positive, which stimulates more efforts towards achieving environmental sustainability in Kuwait.

Al-Khashti said that the company’s role is not limited to community awareness and support of environmental campaigns, but also extends to reducing the effects of its activities within the institution, as it exerts many efforts to reduce its environmental footprint resulting from its operations, which includes preserving natural resources, reducing energy consumption, and recycling Recycling waste, applying green solutions with regard to managing water and electricity, monitoring its impact on climate change, and other efforts.

Raising awareness

Zain is keen, through such initiatives, to encourage the demand for activities that serve the community, especially those that raise awareness among all age groups in society, of the importance of preserving the environment, whether on land or sea, stimulating the spirit of volunteer work, and spreading the culture of the province. on the environment.

Over the past years, Zain has taken great steps to address the effects of its environmental footprint, by setting brief targets to reduce gas emissions, reduce waste, raise awareness, and identify the risks and opportunities of climate change.

In 2019, Zain became a member of the GSMA Task Force on Climate Action, and strengthened its efforts in the areas of sustainability to also become a member of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), when it took a decisive step in disclosing its climate impacts, energy consumption and emissions. of greenhouse gases.

The company then succeeded in including its name in the global list of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) with an advanced classification in the management scope (B), making it the first telecom company in the Middle East and Africa to achieve this classification in the areas of addressing climate change.

Zain is keen to contribute to regional and international efforts to help deal with policies and regulatory reforms, such as those stipulated in the Paris Agreement drafted by the United Nations, by setting targets for reducing emissions and reducing waste, and aligning with the “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs), Through a series of concerted actions, it demonstrates its commitment to ensuring that the impacts of any climate-related risks and potential negative impacts on the environment are mitigated and minimized.

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