Zain launches “Internet Monsters” to raise awareness of children’s safety… online

Bader Al-Kharafi: We are committed to the goals of the United Nations to end all forms of violence against children on the Internet

Zain Group launched the “Internet Monsters” campaign, which focuses on raising awareness of children’s safety on the Internet through social digital platforms, at a time of increasing activity on the network at this time.

Zain revealed that this campaign is based on classic fairy tales with some contemporary updates to depict what is happening in the digital world.

Artificial intelligence

In a press release, the group stated that it had hired the services of a specialized artist to formulate and portray classic children’s stories such as: “Snow White”, “Hansel and Gretel”, “Cinderella” and “Little Red Riding Hood”, where the characters of the villains in each story are embodied in a unique way. digital, by leaving them from computer screens, smartphones, tablets and TV screens (games).

Zain stressed that it aims to digitize classic stories – which are embodied on different digital media backgrounds – to help children visualize the threats they may face online and how to deal with them, and understand that there are ways to protect against them.

The group stated that the statistics and estimates that dealt with this matter showed that there are more than 30% of Internet users who are children, and given the expansion of broadband access, this number is expected to rise with time, especially since the “Covid-19” pandemic has also led to More children are entering the Internet after school classroom restrictions are imposed, and children are starting to learn online, which increases the risk of exposure to harmful content and threat elements.

She stated that the main objective of this campaign is to re-emphasize children’s safety on the Internet, to call on parents and caregivers to remain vigilant and aware of the risks that children may be exposed to, and to emphasize that people are not always what they appear on the Internet.

wide response

Vice Chairman and CEO of Zain Group Bader Nasser Al-Kharafi said, “Children’s safety on the Internet is an issue of great importance to us, especially with new developments in digital technologies and platforms, as maintaining children’s safety on the Internet requires a broad response from telecom service providers, operators, Networks, private sector institutions, and civil society.

“We are committed to our main role in addressing the challenges children face on the network, as our region has one of the highest percentages of these age groups in the world, especially with the high rate of broadband connections,” Al-Kharafi said.

Al-Kharafi pointed out that “this campaign confirms our continued commitment to the United Nations goals to end all forms of violence against children by 2030, as our role as a leading institution in the communications industry and technological innovations is increasing with these threats to enhance safety measures on the Internet.”

Youth Empowerment

Jennifer Suleiman, Head of Sustainability at Zain Group, said: “Zain aims to empower millions of youth in the region and enable them to reach their fullest potential. Part of this goal is to keep them safe from harmful people, as one of the pillars of its social responsibility and sustainability strategy includes The group’s focus on child online safety initiatives.

She noted that “Zain Group actively participates in activities geared towards creating and supporting systems that enhance the well-being of youth in order to ensure sustainable and inclusive growth and social cohesion in our region, and as a leading provider of Internet services, it is our responsibility to ensure that children are as safe as possible on the Internet. ».

Raising Awareness

Through social media campaigns such as the “Internet Monsters” campaign, Zain Group aspires to continue raising awareness about this important topic for children and caregivers, as Zain has been a major supporter of issues related to spreading and raising awareness of children’s safety on the Internet through initiatives and projects They collaborated to raise awareness and better educate people about the importance of children’s online safety and security, as the group launched a social media campaign and internal ad promoting tools and resources that provide tips and advice on how to keep children safe and secure online.

In cooperation with the Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development (BCSD), Zain published a collaborative report on children’s online safety, which highlights the risks and harms children face online and provides actionable recommendations to address the abuse and exploitation practices that children face online.

Zain entered into a 3-year partnership with UNICEF, where it signed a memorandum of understanding to work on advancing children’s rights in the region, and based on their experience, Zain and UNICEF will cooperate in promoting activities related to children’s rights, and the memorandum of understanding covers aspects related to online gaming and awareness raising. on children’s online safety, and invite stakeholders to participate in efforts to protect children online.

Through its partnership with UNICEF, Zain Group collaborated to create a “Children’s Safety Booklet on the Internet” for school students and children. Tips and recommendations for do’s and don’ts while online This booklet has been specifically developed for the Zain esports brand to be published with any future partnership in which children are primary parties.

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