“Zain” is the first telecom company in the world to launch “Vo5G”… with comprehensive coverage

Zain Communications has launched the service of high-quality voice calls over the fifth generation network (Vo5G), thus becoming the first telecom company in the world to launch this service commercially on its network, with comprehensive coverage of all regions of Kuwait and on the new Samsung S22 series.

The company said in a statement that this advanced technology will give its customers unprecedented efficiency in high-speed Internet services, while making voice calls through Vo5G-compatible smartphones.

Al-Wadani Medium: Salem Al-Othaina, Issam Al-Saqer, Eman Al-Rawdan and Ihab Fouda (Photo by Saud Salem)

The commercial launch of the service came officially after the Zain network succeeded in passing all tests to measure its readiness and ensure its technical capabilities to operate the service at the highest quality levels throughout the country.

The Vo5G service is currently available on the Samsung Galaxy S22 series of devices, and it is activated for the customer without any additional cost, and it will be available on all future smart devices that are compatible with it, and it provides practical solutions and many exceptional technical capabilities for the user, in order to enjoy the fastest A seamless and high-quality communications experience possible, through the ability to make voice calls on the 5G network, along with the data transmission service, which will enhance the network’s response during the call further.

This technology enables the use of the Internet and the follow-up of broadcast services and data-dependent applications when making a voice call, smoothly and at the usual speed of the fifth generation network without any interruption. online.

This technology is hosted on the standalone fifth generation network “5G SA” recently launched by “Zain”, which is widely considered the future of fifth generation technology, as it allows the company’s network to reach its full capabilities by increasing its coverage and laying the foundation for applications that exploit its speed. The sheer speed of her response.

This launch reflects Zain’s efforts to provide the largest and most powerful 5G network in Kuwait, since its uniqueness in June 2019 with its commercial launch of the fifth generation technology as the first company to introduce this advanced technology in the Gulf through the Kuwaiti market with comprehensive coverage of all regions of the country.

Zain succeeded in designing and building the first complete network for 5G services, while providing an infrastructure according to the best international standards, which constituted a qualitative leap in the development of the telecommunications sector in the country and the region.

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