Zain is a strategic partner for the Kuwait Motor Show… 2023

Zain Telecom Company announced that it is the strategic partner for the eleventh edition of the Kuwait Motor Show 2023, the largest event of its kind, which provides an integrated platform for car, vehicle and motorcycle agencies in the Kuwaiti market, which continues until January 28 at the “360 Mall”, with the participation of more than 30 international brands.

Zain continues its strategic presence in this distinguished exhibition, based on its belief in the important role that private sector institutions play in supporting various innovative initiatives and efforts that contribute to advancing the economic development of the country.

Al-Zaidi honored Al-Khashti

This exhibition is considered the largest of its kind in the country, and this year it serves more than 300,000 visitors with the participation of more than 30 international brands, displaying more than 80 vehicles.

Zain stated that with the wave of digital transformation that swept all sectors in the past years, the automotive industry witnessed great developments in various markets of the world, and technology has become an integral part of it, so that vehicles today contain the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, modern communication technologies, and others. Pointing out that this exhibition showcases the latest developments in the automotive industry in terms of the most advanced technologies.

Zain is present at the exhibition through its special booth, through which it provides a unique experience for visitors, to experience virtual driving with space for competition and the opportunity to win valuable prizes.

Zain stressed the importance of the role of private sector institutions in encouraging such initiatives, which drive the economic movement in the country, especially as it is one of the largest leading national companies in the private sector, and that its participation shows its interest and commitment to developing various creative businesses in the Kuwaiti society, which is full of talents from Passionate and creative people who have creative ideas aimed at providing real solutions to market needs.

The Kuwait Motor Show provides the largest space in the country for car enthusiasts and those interested in vehicles and motorcycles, to get acquainted with the latest and latest findings of the largest vehicle manufacturers from international companies, and exclusive offers provided by local agencies that communicate with customers and the public directly during the event.

The “Kuwait Motor Show 2023” is considered the largest event of its kind in Kuwait, with the great success it has achieved in the past ten seasons, which witnessed the display of many cars, vehicles and motorcycles of all kinds from the largest international companies, the provision of exclusive offers from local agencies, and the visit of hundreds of thousands of visitors. .

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