Zain invites Kuwaiti creatives to participate in designing a monument in the heart of the capital

Zain Telecom has invited Kuwait’s innovators, engineers and designers, and everyone who has a passion for architectural design, to participate in presenting their ideas and designs to build a monument that reflects the identity, history and culture of the original Kuwait. The company will cover all the costs of its construction in the heart of the capital. January 10 to 24.

This call came as part of Zain’s partnership with the Capital Governorate to implement a project to decorate one of the main entrances to the capital, specifically the island located between the Abdullah Al Salem and Al Shamiya suburbs.

Benoan Janine

Zain was chosen last year to develop the entrance and carry out maintenance work, in a move that reflects the role of private sector institutions in achieving sustainable development in cooperation with public sector institutions.

Out of its strong belief in the talents and creativity of young people, the company invited all engineers, designers and everyone who has a passion for architectural design, to share their ideas and designs for building the memorial via the website (, provided that the project reflects the identity, history and culture of Kuwait.

The company will choose the winning design according to a set of technical criteria, and undertake the construction and implementation of the project in cooperation with the Capital Governorate, as this project is the fruit of joint cooperation between the public and private sectors, and will contribute to the beautification of this main entrance to the governorate as a first step to beautify the rest of its areas.

Zain is looking into the final design of the memorial, by inviting innovators and young entrepreneurs to participate in the design work by submitting their creative ideas. The most expressive and distinctive design for the memorial will be chosen for the project, while it will undertake the restoration and renovation work for the entire island site.

Terms and Conditions

– Apply via the website (

– The structure or model must reflect in its design the character and identity of Kuwait’s heritage or the history of Kuwait.

The design area should not exceed 10 x 10 metres.

– You must attach drawings, photos or videos that clearly and accurately explain the details and appearance of the design.

Only the design idea can be submitted and Zain will implement the project.

– In the event that the owner of the winning design wants to implement the project himself, he must take into account that the period of implementation does not exceed 3 weeks.

– Zain has the right to accept or reject any of the submitted designs.

– The company has the right to change the details of the chosen design if the need arises.

– Zain will adopt the costs of implementing the winning project, knowing that there are no financial or in-kind rewards offered to the owner of the winning design.

Designs will be accepted from January 10 to 24, 2022.

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