“Zain” in 2021, the year of returning to life… with community initiatives

– “Zain” was chosen to decorate and green the main entrance to the capital
– Participated in global efforts to advance digital transformation in the energy sector
– It used its official channels on social media to publish many environmental facts
The company was keen to vaccinate its employees and their families, support the medical staff and encourage the vaccinated
Supporting the Kuwaiti champions in international sporting events and in partnership with the Olympic Committee

Zain explained that the year 2021 witnessed a pivotal turning point in the Corona pandemic, as Kuwait took cautious and hopeful steps towards a gradual return to normal life, after many months of implementing strict health requirements, closures and huge efforts made by the front lines in combating the effects and repercussions of the spread of the epidemic.

The company pointed out that, as one of the largest Kuwaiti private sector companies, it was at the forefront of national institutions that contributed to enabling this cautious return through its support for many community initiatives, promoting innovation in entrepreneurship and empowering the aspirations of young people in the post-Corona world.

Zain officials with the Ministry of Health team during the vaccination campaign

And she indicated that all the initiatives that she launched and supported during the year were based on her integrated strategy for sustainability and social responsibility, which spanned across many of the most vital sectors in society, including the sectors of health, environment, education, youth, entrepreneurship, sports and others.

environmental awareness

During 2021, Zain participated in the official inauguration of the project for decorating and greening one of the main entrances to the capital (the island located between the Dahiyat Abdullah Al-Salem and Al-Shamiya areas), in the presence of the governor of the capital, Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled Al-Sabah, and the vice-chairman and CEO of the company, Bader Al-Kharafi.

Zain, as the national operator, was chosen to develop this main entrance to the capital governorate and carry out maintenance work, in a move that reflected the role of private sector institutions in achieving sustainable development in cooperation with public sector institutions.

This project is the fruit of joint cooperation between the public and private sectors, and will contribute to the beautification and greening of the entrance to the governorate, as a first step to beautify all its areas. In the design work, by presenting their creative ideas, with the choice of the most expressive and distinctive design for the project’s memorial, as it will carry out the restoration and renovation work for the entire island site.

digital energy

In late October 2021, CEO of “Zain Kuwait”, Eman Al-Roudhan, participated in the World Digital Energy Summit 2021, which was organized by “Huawei” on the sidelines of GITEX in Dubai, to enable institutions to seize the opportunities inherent in renewable energy by relying on technologies. digital to achieve sustainability goals.

Zain has contributed to the global efforts that deal with digital energy business, as hopes are pinned on advancing the digital transformation in the energy sector to get rid of carbon emissions. It is greater after Corona, with the technological sectors currently looking to rely on safe energy, especially with the stage of economic recovery as a contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“Do Your Turn”

Zain launched an awareness campaign through its official channels on social networks under the title “#DoYourRole”, to enhance its social role in spreading environmental awareness, stressing the importance of preserving natural resources, and employed its official channels on social media, to disseminate many important environmental information and facts. Which many people may overlook, and which shows the devastating impact of climate change on human health and the environment.

The campaign is part of the company’s strategy for social responsibility and sustainability, through which it is committed to building plans to confront climate change and contribute to reducing carbon emissions, in line with the Paris Agreement (2015), in addition to spreading environmental awareness and a culture of resource conservation.

Zain supported the United Nations campaign to publicize the importance of environmental awareness and the preservation of natural resources, under the slogan “Youth for Climate Action,” which was launched by the United Nations on the occasion of its celebration of the International Day, which falls on October 24 of each year, as part of its strategic partnership with the Authority. United nations.

Zain stated that it participated in the celebration by lighting its main buildings in Shuwaikh in blue, similar to the rest of the state institutions from the public and private sectors in support of the efforts of the United Nations.

safe education

In conjunction with the start of the new academic year in attendance at schools, Zain held a partnership with the National Campaign for a Safe Learning Environment under the slogan “Safe Education”, in joint cooperation with the Ministries of Interior, Health, Education and Information, to spread awareness of health requirements and traffic safety during the start of the new school year.

Zain was present at the Jaber Bridge Vaccination Center in cooperation with the Ministry of Health over a period of 3 days, to contribute to cooling the atmosphere on the medical staff and front-line heroes working in the center, and to encourage the vaccinated citizens and residents to support the state’s efforts to enhance community immunity and confront the effects of “Corona”.

Zain organized two internal vaccination campaigns for its employees at its headquarters in Shuwaikh, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health.

Zain launched an awareness campaign on social media entitled “vaccinate. Make it remembrance,” through which it encouraged community members to vaccinate to achieve the desired goals and reach community immunity. It also presented encouraging posters at the Kuwait Vaccination Center in Mishref and Jisr Center. Jaber and through the “Snapchat”, “Instagram” and “WhatsApp” applications, to positively motivate those who have accepted the vaccination.

Sports support

During 2021, Zain announced its main partnership with the Spanish Rafa Nadal Academy at the Sheikh Jaber Al Abdullah Al Jaber International Tennis Complex in cooperation with Tamdeen Sports Company, which is the first tennis academy of its kind in the Middle East, and the first academy destination affiliated with Rafael Nadal. outside Spain.

Zain continued to support the Kuwaiti national water bike champions for the tenth year, who won 10 medals (8 gold, and two silver) as part of their participation in the second round of the World Aquabike Championship for the year 2021, which was held in October in the United States of America.

The company continued its sponsorship of the Kuwaiti champion, ranked first in the world in water sports, Youssef Al-Abdul-Razzaq, who sponsored his professional sports career over the past 13 years, during which Al-Abdul-Razzaq achieved a rich balance of global achievements and crowns with merit and aptitude, in which senior professionals from different countries of the world competed, raising the name of the world. Kuwait ranks high in major regional and international competitions.

Zain also sponsored the SFL League, the largest amateur football league in the country, which aimed to create a sports community for amateurs and create a professional environment for them while encouraging local talent to showcase their sports energies, contributing to the development of football in Kuwait, and supplying talent For official clubs, amateurs experience the atmosphere of professional organization, in addition to instilling good values ​​through awareness campaigns.

Zain indicated that its esports brand “Zain Esports” has entered into a partnership with the Kuwait Olympic Committee, in preparation for managing the activities of the Open Championship of the Kuwait Committee for Electronic Games, which was held at the headquarters of the Kuwait Olympic Committee, as it aimed to discover and unleash the potential of local talent, and to form National esports teams, which will participate in the Olympic Games, and other international competitions. 10

Years of “Zain Great Idea”

In 2021, Zain celebrated the tenth anniversary of its innovative program “Zain Great Idea”, which is considered one of the most successful initiatives launched in the Kuwaiti market, as part of its sustainability strategy and support for technological innovations.

Over a decade, ZGI has empowered and trained more than 1,500 young men and women from Kuwait and the Arab world, which achieves the company’s goals in creating innovative job opportunities in the fields of business for emerging technology companies, by accelerating projects for more than 100 small and medium companies.

Digital transformation is the most common success story for the majority of these companies, and ZainGreat Idea is at its core an accelerator for tech startups.

The great demand for this sector of entrepreneurship in Kuwait and the Middle East and North Africa region proved that Zain’s vision to achieve digital leadership was on the right track.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

During 2021, Zain presented the first digitally illustrated report of emerging technology companies and digital innovations in the Middle East, at the conclusion of the sixth virtual edition of its “Zain Great Idea” program, which it launched in cooperation with Brilliant Lab to accelerate and develop emerging technology companies.

The special show hosted by the company at the “VOX” cinema in the Avenues Mall witnessed the presentation of 25 emerging technology companies that reached the final stage of the program, which were represented by initiators from 7 Gulf and Arab countries: Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Egypt and Tunisia. They demonstrated their companies’ business models in front of a group of investors, investment companies and business partners in the Middle East and North Africa.

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