Zain hosts an Iftar in honor of airport workers

Zain Communications Company hosted the Ramadan Iftar banquet in honor of the entities operating at Kuwait International Airport, in appreciation of the great efforts made by the employees of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation and the Ministry of Interior during the holy month.

The breakfast banquet witnessed the presence of the CEO of Relations and Communications at “Zain Kuwait” Waleed Al-Khashti, and the Director of Operations Department at the General Directorate of Civil Aviation Mansour Al-Hashemi. With all spectrums of society, in cooperation with various authorities and institutions in the country to reflect the spirit of giving in the holy month.

Kuwaiti Ardah

The Zain team visited the headquarters of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation at Kuwait International Airport, to share the Ramadan atmosphere and the blessing of the holy month with the employees of the “civil aviation” and the Ministry of Interior working at the airport, who are watching over the security and protection of the country around the clock, through the breakfast meal that the company set up In their honor, in gratitude and appreciation for their efforts during the breaking of the fast during their shifts in the arduous atmosphere of the blessed month of Ramadan, away from their families.

Zain is keen to strengthen its communication bridges with its customers and the community in which it operates throughout the year, especially during the blessed month of Ramadan, as it has always sought to consolidate the concept of sustainability in a practical way, by intensifying its programs during the holy month, as it is one of the leading economic institutions in the Kuwaiti private sector. , which believes that it has a real mission and commitments to the community.

The company stated that its continuous commitment to providing added value to the community makes it keen to address the most influential issues in life, indicating that its “Zain Al-Shahour” campaign comes year after year to translate this trend, and carry with it a message urging rapprochement, compassion, participation in life, spreading peace and promoting a culture bid.

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