“Zain Great Idea” with a new look that meets the needs of the initiators… and keeps pace with the changes

– Eman Al-Roudhan: The sixth edition resulted in investments of $4.5 million
– 170 companies in the last version, a quarter of them moved to the last stage
The largest number of female entrepreneurs in the program’s history, with 40 percent last year
The program pushes Zain’s plans to empower emerging technology companies in Kuwait
The Kuwaiti market is small in size and big with the aspirations of its children
We take initiators towards opportunities and experiences to ensure their sustainable growth
Take advantage of our wide network of partners to connect initiators with investment funds
– Intensive sessions and programs from Kuwait to Riyadh, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Cairo

With a completely new look, Zain Communications Company decided to continue organizing the activities of the “Zain Great Idea” program in its seventh edition, in order to accelerate the growth of technology companies and digital innovations in the Kuwaiti emerging business community, in cooperation with “Brillant Lab”, with the opening of registration In its activities via (zaingreatidia.com).

The event includes events in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Cairo, through an integrated program chosen by the initiators to suit their projects and times, meet their training needs, and enhance their technological and digital capabilities, which have become a basis for the success of emerging projects in Kuwait and throughout the region.

In the presence of a large crowd, presented by Zain Kuwait CEO Iman Al-Roudhan, the company’s Chief Relations and Communications Officer Waleed Al-Khashti, along with the company’s innovation and entrepreneurship officer Haya Al-Manea, the company’s officials and team, and the founder of “Brillant Lap” Nada Al-Daihani, with Representatives of investment companies, business partners, the local entrepreneurship community and graduates of previous courses of the program, it was announced that registration for the “Zain Great Idea 7” activities at Zain’s headquarters in Shuwaikh has begun, yesterday evening.

A smooth introduction to the activities that this season’s program is witnessing, and the courses that its participants will undergo, showed the great interest that Zain pays to entrepreneurs and youth, and its keenness to overcome the obstacles they may face in launching their projects, and to facilitate their work, based on its strategy based on serving community members with all It has the means available in its hands, and within its slogan “A Beautiful World”, which it is working to implement to the fullest in all forums.

This came with an integrated team from “Zain” who was keen to interact with the attendees and provide a full explanation of the program that returns in attendance this season, after the last two versions of it were held virtually due to the “Corona” pandemic, while highlighting the successful projects that saw the light for participants in previous versions. This confirms Zain’s success in achieving its main goal behind this event, which is to place youth and entrepreneurs at the forefront of priorities, for their primary role in promoting the growth of the Kuwaiti economy, and for their contribution to diversifying the source of income, which is one of the most important goals of the “New Kuwait 2035” vision. .

Success Partners

In her speech during the ceremony, Al-Roudhan welcomed the attendees, describing them as Zain’s partners in the success of the “Zain Great Idea” activities and its continuation for a decade, pointing to the company’s keenness to present the program in a new look in its seventh edition.

Al-Roudhan said that last year, Zain turned a special and exceptional page in the history of this program, which she is personally proud of, as the sixth version of it was the first of its kind, as it came completely by default during Corona, pointing out that thanks to the perseverance and determination of the initiators, and despite the The Many Challenges The Sixth Edition alone resulted in an estimated investment of $4.5 million in participating startups, helping them take off operationally in the marketplace.

She added that last year’s edition witnessed the participation of 170 startups, 25 of which moved to the last stop to accelerate them in their final form, in addition to the largest number of women entrepreneurs in the entire history of the program, who constituted 40 percent of the total number of participants.

She indicated that these continuous achievements reflect the value of the program in advancing Zain’s plans and achieving its vision of empowering emerging technology companies in the Kuwaiti market, small in size and large, with the ambitions of its people. It focuses on accelerating technology startups and empowering young entrepreneurs from Kuwait and the Arab world.

Flexibility and freedom

Al-Roudhan said, “We know very well that the initiator has great enthusiasm, limited time and a busy and crowded day, so this year we will provide more flexibility and more freedom for each of the participants in order to choose activities and sessions that suit their agenda and suit the nature of the work of their startups, and we will expand the content and activities of the program to take our initiators to destinations Various, including Riyadh, Cairo, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, to share and learn about experiences, success stories and lessons learned by other initiators, and to study the experiences of investors and sponsors of similar programs regionally and globally.”

sustainable growth

Al-Roudhan said that Zain aims, through the “ZGI” program, to take initiators into opportunities and experiences that guarantee them sustainable growth, to develop their companies and themselves as productive people as well.

She stressed the company’s always keenness to benefit from its wide network of partners to connect initiators with investment funds and success partners, in order to help them take a firm first step in the business world, stressing its aspiration to benefit from the experience of the seventh edition of ZGI with young talents and renewed creative work.

10 years

Last year, Zain celebrated ten years of “Zain Great Idea”, which is considered one of the most successful initiatives it launched under the umbrella of its strategy to support entrepreneurship and innovation, at a time when the value of investments in startup companies provided by the program reached more than 6 million. dinars (20 million dollars) to date, while 30% of its graduates own companies active in the local and regional markets, in addition to 40% of these companies raising their own capital.

1500 young people

Over a decade, the ZGI program empowered and trained more than 1,500 young men and women from Kuwait and the Arab world, many of whom were present at the ceremony to witness its launch in its new look. And it comes out better every year.

The company indicated that some relatively advanced initiators have finished preparing the basic aspects of their companies, and they will not need to enter the training camp that covers the initial stages of establishing startups, and for this they can simply not participate in the camp and save their time and effort to participate in other sessions and programs that suit the needs and level of development of their companies.

regional expansion

This year, Zain will focus on regional expansion through distinct programs held across the region, such as Riyadh, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Cairo, which cover many topics of great importance such as establishing and accelerating companies, communicating with investors and financing funds, building brands and teams, and sessions Individual advisory, innovation promotion, challenges facing entrepreneurs, local and regional success stories, and more.

This year, the program presents a renewed idea that serves entrepreneurs on the one hand, and fresh graduate students on the other. Zain will organize an event similar to a job fair, with the main objective of being a link between ZGI participants and graduates from universities and colleges of various specializations. Initiators present their start-up companies and job opportunities to recent graduates, as a step that helps them build future work teams, and attract young local talents, to be part of their success story, which will inevitably contribute to enriching the entrepreneurship system and revitalizing the local labor market.

Unique Opportunities

The initiatives and programs offered by the company from time to time provide the youth with unique opportunities to enable them to access information and share ideas. in promoting areas of sustainability.

Walid Al-Khashti: We aim to enhance the role of the private sector in the local economy

Walid Al-Khashti said in a statement to “Al-Rai” on the sidelines of the ceremony, that about a decade ago, “Zain” launched the first version of the “Zain Great Idea” activities in conjunction with the launch of the small enterprise sector in the Kuwaiti market, pointing out that it was keen in this year’s edition. To develop its activities, introduce participants to many successful projects in the region, connect them with investors and provide the labor they need for their projects.

He noted that the program constitutes an added value that contributes to enhancing the role of the private sector in developing the local economy and contributing to its prosperity, and providing diverse job opportunities in the sectors provided by the initiators participating in its activities.

Haya Al-Manea: We are keen to meet the needs of the initiators

The company’s innovation and entrepreneurship officer, Haya Al-Manea, stated that “Zain” is keen to stand by the initiators and help them achieve their goals, meet their needs, and expand their projects in the region, pointing to the provision of the training camp and heading towards the Arab world in Riyadh, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Cairo, in addition to many training courses to which the event participants will be subject.

Nada Al-Daihani: Covering the start-up project for the local market needs 6 months

Nada Al-Daihani stressed that the owners of start-up projects in Kuwait have a great desire to expand their projects outside Kuwait, especially in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, pointing out that the coverage of the emerging project for the local market does not need more than 6 months from the initiator, and therefore the program in its new version will witness participation in events Diversity in Riyadh, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Cairo, to connect participants with many companies that invest in technological opportunities, provide them with employment, and learn about the experiences of their counterparts in the region.

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