Zain discusses the developments of the virtual world and its impact on various aspects of life

Zain Communications Company hosted a series of virtual seminars entitled “A New Digital Generation”, which discussed the virtual world “Metaverse” and the future of digital education and virtual currencies, in cooperation with the “NEST” educational institution of the National Technology Projects Company, and the “EON XR” company specialized in reality technologies. Augmented and Virtual Reality.

The company hosted a number of local and international experts and specialists at the “ZINC” platform at its headquarters in Shuwaikh, who presented 3 virtual discussion sessions on many topics related to the virtual world “Metaverse”, and the changes that this new concept will bring to different industries and sectors. And the impacts that will occur on the digital future because of it, with the attendance of nearly 700 participants.

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The first episode discussed the concept of a relatively new virtual world known as “Metaverse”, which integrates the real and virtual worlds, and allows people to communicate with each other virtually, through many modern technologies such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and extended reality (XR). ) through many technical means, such as 3D avatars, digital assets, virtual branches of companies, electronic games, virtual economy and others.

The session was attended by Rikard Steiber, one of the technology pioneers in Silicon Valley who founded many technology startups, and held leadership positions in major global technology companies such as HTC and Google.

On the other hand, the second episode discussed the concept of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are unique digital assets that are kept on a database called the “blockchain” like digital currencies, and they are usually in the form of artwork, music, electronic games, or Video clips.

These assets are used to create new ways of owning, and this new digital phenomenon has seen a lot of interest lately. William Sylvies, a designer who specializes in innovative media and art such as 3D design, virtual reality, 360-degree videos and more, participated in the panel discussion.

The third episode reviewed the goals of the future of digital education and the impact of the Corona pandemic on it, as the pandemic forced most schools to close and shift towards e-learning, at a time when many recent studies have proven that students who receive their education through virtual and augmented reality technologies have a three times greater ability to memorize and understand information compared to by traditional teaching methods.

The session discussed innovative ways in education and how to transfer information to future generations, and the co-founder of “EON Reality” company specialized in augmented and virtual reality technologies, Michael Jacobson, who shared his experience of more than 20 years in this field.

Zain is considered one of the prominent institutions that embrace young entrepreneurs, promote innovation in technology and entrepreneurship, and believe in the capabilities and capabilities of young people and their ideas and innovations, because it relies in its strategy on an effective approach to youth issues by investing in future generations.

The company launched the “Zain Innovation” (ZINC) platform, which is one of the leading incubators for entrepreneurs’ initiatives in Kuwait, and aims to support and empower the capabilities of young people, and open new horizons for start-ups.

ZINC is an incubator platform for youth innovations and creativity, and aims to encourage distinguished minds to think in an interactive work environment.

The ZINC Center represents the prominent face of the digital transformation stage, as ideas are always affected by the care it receives. Business incubator centers will help uncover new ideas and the rise of innovations.

The training programs, interactive seminars and discussion panels offered by Zain in the fields of technology, various training grant programs, e-learning portals, and others, embody the strategic direction of its plans to enhance the areas of development and sustainability.

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