Zain develops youth and hones their skills through field work

Zain Telecom honored the trainees in the third edition of its summer field training program in cooperation with “H&S Store”, during the closing ceremony, which was hosted at its headquarters in Shuwaikh, to celebrate 35 male and female students who excelled in refining and enhancing their administrative, technical and technical skills, over a month and a half. during summer.

The ceremony was organized on the “Zain Innovation” platform (ZINC), in the presence of Hamad Al-Musaibeh, Director of Corporate Relations at Zain Kuwait, and Fahd Al-Mathin, founder and general manager of “H&S Store” Company, to honor all the trainees participating in the program, in addition to a special honor for the trainees. The top three performers with the most outstanding performance.

The continuation of Zain’s partnership with this program comes in line with its integrated strategy for social responsibility and sustainability, which is largely based on the development of the youth and education sector, especially after the outstanding success witnessed by the program in its previous versions, and the high demand of young people to register in it, in order to develop and refine their skills through field work directly in the work environment.

The summer field training program at “H&S Store” came in cooperation with the “Zain Youth FUN” network program, and mainly aimed at providing male and female students with many administrative experiences, such as product marketing and customer service, and technical and technical expertise such as maintaining smart devices and others.

Male and female students who are about to start working life after completing their studies were established and rehabilitated, by working part-time for 4 hours per day, for 45 days during the summer vacation season, in return for a financial reward.

The “Zain Youth FUN” program is considered one of the largest sustainable projects that Zain has developed and developed since the launch of its first version in 2008, through which it provides a valuable opportunity for university students to benefit from the actual work experience within the company.

The male and female students participating in the program work part-time in the various departments of the company, to acquire and develop the various essential skills and experiences they need to enter the labor market, whether professionally or personally.

Zain devotes more efforts and initiatives that enhance the development of human development in the country in all fields, especially with regard to developing managerial skills among young age groups with the aim of qualifying them to enter the labor market. Leading companies in the Kuwaiti private sector.

This comes at a time when “H&S Store” was established in 2011 to provide its customers with a wide range of the latest products that are characterized by high quality in the world of technology, and provides an easy and simple shopping experience with the aim of satisfying its customers in Kuwait and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, in addition to providing specialized maintenance workshops to repair smart devices And other distinguished and approved services.

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