“Zain” develops the “KUWAIT TV” application and provides it with the latest technologies for broadcasting via the Internet

Al-Rawdan: A new success story that reflects our leadership in leading and enabling digital transformation in the public sector

Al-Huwaidi: “The project is a distinctive leap for Kuwait TV as it embarks on digital broadcasting

Providing high-quality live and VOD services for 9 TV channels and 11 radio channels

Zain Telecom Company is cooperating with the Ministry of Information to develop the all-new “KUWAIT TV” application, and to provide it with the latest Internet broadcasting technologies, to move Kuwait TV into the era of digital platforms, by providing live broadcast and video-on-demand (VOD) services with high quality for 9 TV channels. And 11 radio channels affiliated with the ministry.

The announcement of this cooperation came on the sidelines of the visit of the chief executive of “Zain Kuwait, Eman Al-Roudhan, to the office of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Information, Munira Al-Huwaidi, in the presence of the company’s executive management and officials of the Ministry of Information, on the occasion of the official launch of the“ KUWAIT TV ”application, coinciding with the approaching month of Ramadan. .

Al-Roudhan said, “Today we are writing a new success story for the partnership between (Zain) and the various government institutions represented by the Ministry of Information, a step that reflects our leadership in leading and enabling digital transformation in the public sector, in implementation of the new Kuwait vision 2035.”

She added that Zain was and still is one of the first national companies in the Kuwaiti private sector, which had the most prominent role in implementing government digital transformation at various levels during the past period.

Al-Roudhan explained that over the past few years, digital entertainment platforms and online broadcasting services have rapidly evolved, becoming the viewer’s first choice due to their ease and fluidity.

She pointed out that with the entry of the pandemic, the impact of closures, and the application of numerous health measures, and the accompanying lack of external entertainment outlets, reliance on digital platforms has become almost complete by users around the world, noting that for this reason everyone has seen the importance of the comprehensive conversion project for Kuwait TV to be available digitally. Through the «KUWAIT TV» application and the official website of the Ministry.

Al-Roudhan indicated that during the application development process, Zain was keen to provide it with the latest technologies for broadcasting via the Internet to be in conformity with international standards, so that users could watch the live broadcast of 9 TV channels, or listen to the live broadcast of 11 radio channels affiliated with the ministry with the click of a button. And in super clear quality.

She revealed the availability of the Video on Demand (VOD) feature that enables viewers to choose their favorite programs and enjoy watching them instantly at any time and from anywhere.

Al-Roudhan added that with the official launch of the application for smart devices operating with the “iOS” system, and through the official website of the Ministry of Information and its launch on the “Android” platform soon, viewers can enjoy the most-watched series and programs most viewed by the masses, whether during or after the holy month of Ramadan. Zain made sure that this launch coincided with the approaching of the holy month.

main role

Al-Roudhan stressed that this cooperation reflects the company’s main role in providing the latest technological solutions and services to major national institutions from the public and private sectors, thus contributing to the advancement and prosperity of Kuwait at all levels and levels.

She indicated that “Zain” is considered part of the Kuwaiti private sector, which is considered a strategic partner in the state’s development plans, and one of its main pillars as well.

Strengthening the partnership

For her part, Al-Huwaidi said that strengthening the role of partnership between national companies and government sectors in the process of digital transformation that contributes to the development of the work environment and the provision of digital government services, including this project, is considered a distinctive move for Kuwait TV as it undertakes the midst of digital broadcasting, and provides media materials to the viewer wherever Anywhere, anytime, it will open up greater and more comprehensive horizons in constructive cooperation and extend bridges of cooperation that the identity and new media strategy require.

Download the application

Users can now download the “KUWAIT TV” application from the “App Store” for iOS devices (and it will soon be available on the Play Store for Android devices).

The application includes 9 TV channels: Kuwait, KTV2, Al-Arabi, Ithraa, Al-Qurain, Khalilak, Al-Bayt, Sports, Sports 2, and Al-Majlis, and 11 radio channels: the Holy Quran, Kuwait FM, the public program, “OFM”, “Super Station”, Al Shaabia, the second program, “EASY 92.5” and ancient Arabic singing.

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