Zain crowned the creators of the “Company Program”

Zain Telecom won the “DRIVEMART” team in the universities category, and the “Kabeh” team in the schools category, with the “Best Service / Innovative Product” award, which it sponsored annually, within the fifteenth edition of the “Company Program” competition for the year 2021 organized by the “Injaz” association Kuwait”, with the wide participation of male and female students from universities and schools in Kuwait.

The company stated in a statement, that this year’s version of the competition was launched completely by default, similar to last year’s version, in compliance with health procedures and in order to preserve the health of participating students. The jury, consisting of a group of businessmen and executives from the private sector, including Zain, listened to the presentations of male and female students via video communication technology, and selected the winners based on a set of academic criteria.

Zain added that the “company program” provides a golden opportunity for university and secondary students in Kuwait, to train them on how to establish and manage their own small companies, pointing out that experienced and qualified volunteers from various Kuwaiti private sector institutions train participating students on basic skills. In the business world, the most important of which is developing and translating the project idea into reality, conducting feasibility studies, selling shares, managing teams and human resources, creating business plans, producing and selling services and products, and others.

The company explained that its annual participation in this competition comes within the framework of its strategic partnership as a creative partner with INJAZ Kuwait, as part of its sustainability and innovation strategy, through which it contributes to the development of the youth and education sectors in the country.

Zain indicated that it seeks, through its strategic partnership with “Injaz”, to educate and support young people who are eager to develop their ideas and projects according to international standards, through a set of training programs that are organized throughout the year for university and school students, including the “Company Program” competition. Which is held at the level of university and secondary school students, stressing that it seeks to provide a suitable environment for the energies and creativity of young people to grow, fruit and contribute to adding value to society.

This comes at a time when “Injaz Kuwait” was established in 2005 as a non-profit and non-governmental organization with the support of the private sector in Kuwait, and in partnership and strategic cooperation with the private sector and the education sector in Kuwait, and with the help of experienced and competent volunteers in various fields, and it is part of the “Injaz Al Arab” Foundation. » Which is one of the largest international institutions specialized in educating and educating students, to qualify them to enter the battlefield of working life, entrepreneurship and financial literacy through practical training. Injaz Kuwait has been providing educational and educational programs that develop leadership and organizational skills in the business environment since its establishment in 2005, with the aim of educating and inspiring the next generation in business management, and has inspired more than 70,000 students thanks to more than 6000 volunteers from the Kuwaiti private sector, and in more than 200 schools and universities in Kuwait.

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