“Zain” continues its partnership with “Give”

– The only online platform exclusively dedicated to charitable projects in Kuwait

Encouraging giving by sending donors with licensed charities in the country

Zain Telecom Company revealed the continuation of its strategic partnership with the non-profit “Give” platform for the second year in a row, pointing out that it is the only electronic platform of its kind exclusively dedicated to charitable projects in Kuwait, and aims to facilitate the donation process and encourage giving by connecting those wishing to donate with associations. Licensed Charity in Kuwait.

The company clarified in a statement that the continuation of its fruitful partnership with this non-profit platform, which was launched in the month of Ramadan last year, came in line with its strategy for social responsibility and sustainability towards the charitable sectors, and under the umbrella of its annual Ramadan campaign “Zain Al Shehour”, which is full of various humanitarian programs and initiatives. By supporting many bodies and institutions that have devoted their efforts to charitable and humanitarian work.

Zain officials visit the administration of social care homes

Zain stated that the non-profit “Give” is the only electronic platform of its kind exclusively for charitable projects in Kuwait, and aims mainly to facilitate the donation process and encourage giving, by connecting those wishing to donate with licensed charities in Kuwait, and helping donors search for Charitable projects and donation opportunities in one place, and complete the payment process securely electronically.

All charitable institutions covered by “Give” are accredited by the official authorities in the country, and 162 different charitable projects are currently listed under them.

The current list includes the Kuwait Red Crescent Society, the Direct Aid Society, the Sheikh Abdullah Al-Nouri Charitable Society, the International Mercy Society, the International Islamic Charitable Organization, the Rahma Amongst them, the International Charitable Society for Development and Development, the Sidra Association for Psychological Care for Cancer Patients, the Najat Charitable Society, and others Authorized authorities.

(Give.org.kw) platform includes many features that the donor can benefit from, such as easy identification of projects available through the website and smart phone application, and the use of the filter tool to search for specific projects, compare projects from different charities and choose between them, and see To obtain comprehensive and clear information about the projects, so that the donor can make the decision that suits him, follow his donation record, and receive notifications about updates and reports of the projects in which he participated.

Zain stated that it has always sought to consolidate a culture of giving and social participation, whether with its direct support or through its contributions and sponsorship of many different charitable activities and activities, pointing out that it considers its social responsibility as one of the main tributaries for the continuous success of its operations, so that it is keen to harness its capabilities to enhance this. The orientation is by using the technological capabilities that it possesses, which qualified it to be one of the largest companies in the private sector.

The company affirmed that it believes that its responsibility towards the areas of sustainability is of paramount importance to it, as this is reflected through its strategy in the diversification of its intensive Ramadan program, which aims to share with all segments of society the blessing and joy of the holy month through its Ramadan campaign “Zain Al Shehour”.

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