Zain celebrates high school graduates

– Eman Al-Roudan: double appreciation with the change of the school system and the transition to electronic
Success factors go beyond excellence and depend on self-development and adapting to change
Education is the cornerstone of the country’s future and we are proud of providing equal opportunities for gender equality
Enhancing inclusiveness in the work environment and embracing young graduates

Zain Telecom celebrated the first outstanding students at the secondary level at its headquarters in Shuwaikh, during a special ceremony it held in their honor and their parents, amid precautionary health measures, in the presence of CEO Eman Al-Roudhan.

The company indicated in a statement that it is usually keen, at the end of each academic year, to hold a ceremony to honor outstanding students at the secondary level, but the synchronization of the pandemic, the closure of activities and the suspension of studies last year prevented them from sharing the joy of attending in person and being satisfied with the virtual celebration.

Vaccine for an employee

Zain added that the gradual return to normal life and the improvement of indicators of the health situation in the country with the continuation of the vaccination campaign motivated it to hold the honoring ceremony this year, amid precautionary health measures, as it honored the first students at the level of Kuwait and at the level of Kuwaiti students through two different time periods to ensure that no Overcrowding and physical distancing.

Al-Roudhan said, “I am pleased and pleased today to host and honor our outstanding daughters and sons, the first in the beautiful world of Zain… Congratulations for your success and achievement, and may God bless you.”

Al-Roudhan stated, “Before I begin to address my words to my daughters and sons students, I address my words to the sisters and brothers, parents, for success is joy and the joy of success is a great feeling, and what increases this feeling is that those who have achieved success are our sons, congratulations to you on the success of our daughters and sons and you have the right to be proud of their achievement This is the first step on a path full of happiness and success.”

And she continued, “Your excellence and success this year is doubly appreciated, and with the change of the school system, and the transition to a virtual digital system within a short period, I am sure that studying and preparing for final exams amid the exceptional atmosphere that we all lived in in the past period was not an easy thing, but it is a good experience to prepare you for the future.” Practical, as rapid change has become a feature of the times, and adapting to change in all its forms has become one of the factors for success at work and in life in general.

She explained, “Today, you are facing the last challenge, which is university education, which differs from all previous academic levels in a very important aspect, which is passion. The university education will be based around your passion for life, and will pave the way for you towards more self-knowledge and the formation of long-term friendships, and more excellence and distinction. To serve your country and society.

Al-Roudhan emphasized that the factors of success now go beyond academic excellence, as they depend on knowledge and self-development, adapting to change and achieving happiness.

She stressed Zain’s belief that education is the cornerstone of the country’s future, and it is proud to provide equal opportunities for employees to achieve gender equality and promote inclusiveness in the work environment, pointing out that it embraces young graduates to enhance the strength of its human resources.

efforts and initiatives

Zain confirmed that it devotes more efforts and initiatives that enhance the development of the educational process in the country and in all fields, and that it will spare no effort to harness its material and human capabilities to strengthen ties with bodies and institutions concerned with education and its development, and to support projects and initiatives that contribute effectively in the areas of development. mankind in general.

The activities of Zain, which is considered one of the leading companies in supporting the education sector and youth in Kuwait, are in line with the priorities of its social responsibility and sustainability program, through numerous projects and initiatives, and in cooperation with various educational institutions in the country.

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