“Zain” calls 2021 through a calendar that decorates its leaves … seeds are sown monthly

– Decorate a sheet each month with some kind of herbs, with instructions on how to grow them

– The move reflects Zain’s commitment to achieving sustainability in all aspects of life

A new calendar that reflects the company’s commitment to the United Nations initiatives to preserve the environment

“In order to preserve a beautiful world that helps us all to grow, develop and get rid of the negatives,” is a slogan that Zain always takes into account and reflects it in its community initiatives, and this time the date was with the exceptional 2021 calendar that the company presented at the start of 2021, with its papers decorated with a variety of Herbs, seeds, and recyclables.

An exceptional initiative in an exceptional circumstance with the continuing efforts to combat the emerging “Corona” virus, to help everyone grow together in 2021, as with its habit at the end of each year with innovation, the company this time chose a seed for each month of the 12th year, calling on everyone to plant and see it. It grows with days and months, after determining the necessary frameworks for its cultivation and taking care of it to see the light around the homes or offices of their owners.

Starting with the chrysanthemum in January, the corn poppy in February, the rudbeckia in March, the lavender in April, the mint in May, the wild chrysanthemum in June, the bermuda grass in July, the escotilleria in August, the cilocia flower in September, the clover in October, and sage in October. November, all the way to the morning glory flower in December, herbs decorate every sheet of the annual Zain calendar, to decorate the world of customers looking for environmental well-being, sustainability and reducing pollution in today’s world.

It is not a new initiative from Zain, which puts sustainability among its priorities, as evidenced by the various innovations it makes throughout each year, and which annually issues a sustainability report that includes the most prominent environmental initiatives to preserve the natural resources that characterize Kuwait and which it is committed to implementing in its branch Main and in its various departments.

National plant

The idea of ​​the new calendar came from the “Zain” team, reflecting the company’s management’s belief in the capabilities, ideas and creativity of the national cadres who work in its various departments, and in a way that reflects the pledge and commitment that I made to empower these people and unleash their capabilities and ideas to see the light, in a way that is beneficial to increasing their self-confidence. And on the community to which you belong.

The Zain initiative also falls within its adoption of the various United Nations sustainability programs, enhancing attention to the importance of the herbs used in the calendar and their many health benefits to the public, and alerting the possibility of using them in some treatments, as well as showing their role in the process of climate change. On the health of Kuwaiti society members of all groups.

Last year, Zain had begun to focus on making its annual calendar made of recyclable materials, in a new idea. It also reduced the printing of brochures and price lists and turned them into an electronic method, in the context of preserving the environment.

In light of the exceptional health conditions that Kuwait is experiencing, the “Zain” initiative also came to highlight the importance of some herbs on the life of society, and its role in protecting people and ridding them of some symptoms that appear on them during their infection with a cold or any of the other types of influenza, in an indication that the priority of preserving The health of customers and non-clients is just as important as the pursuit of success at the operational, financial and other levels.

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