“Zain” Attracts Data and Software Engineering Graduates … at “Code 7”

Bader Al-Kharafi: We are looking for young people who think in a revolutionary way with an eye on the future

Zain’s efforts create high-performing career paths that are beneficial to the group’s business strategy

Zain Telecom Group revealed that its successful “Generation Z” program for developing graduate skills and training, which extends over the past five years, will take new paths by attracting young skills in data science and software engineering.

The group clarified that the new journey of the program will be launched under the slogan «CODE 7», as it will target Kuwaiti graduates specializing in the study of fields related to computer science, data and software engineering, indicating that the development of the initiative that came with the support and guidance of the Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Bader Nasser Al-Kharafi, will begin with its version. Editorial over the course of a whole year with 5 talented young graduates.

The featured phone in the

Zain stated in a statement that this new initiative is looking for future change-makers, innovators, programmers, and engineers in computer science. Kuwaiti graduates who have specialized in the fields of computer science and software will be able to participate in a one-year program, and they will enter into challenges. It is related to artificial intelligence, innovative sustainable projects, data science, business behaviors (life skills, resilience), management and practical applications, and other areas related to innovation skills at work.

She stated that the outstanding graduates are scheduled to officially start the program at the beginning of the year 2021, where they will be guided and guided throughout the year, as she looks forward to continuing afterwards to contribute to the digital transformation efforts carried out by its operations.

The pace is accelerating

Badr Nasser Al-Kharafi, Vice Chairman and CEO of Zain, said that the world continues to change at an accelerated pace, while academic disciplines related to data science and software engineering have become closely related in making institutions ready and prepared for the future. Al-Kharafi explained that in light of this advanced technological scene, this is the right time to launch the CODE 7 initiative, which takes the “Generation Z” graduate program on a new journey of innovations and technological explorations, pointing out that “Zain” is looking for young people who think in a revolutionary way. His eyes are on the future.

Al-Kharafi stressed that the efforts made by Zain in focusing on the development of these young national talents will lead to the creation of high-performance career paths, and will be beneficial to the group’s business strategy through the ideas that they will be able to present later.

Al-Kharafi urged the selected graduates to make the most of this life-changing opportunity, as the group looks forward to presenting leaders in data science, software engineering and innovation fields.

Data unit

“Zain”, as a graduate program in its new form, aims to establish an internal unit for “data science” through which it will focus on refining and developing the skills of graduates, in light of its focus on monitoring and defining future trends, and developing sets of skills necessary to keep pace with changes in the business environment. Zain expects students participating in its “CODE 7” program to develop into experts and professionals in the fields of data science, in a way that allows them to participate in supporting its transformation journey in the digital sector. The “CODE 7” program will provide a selective list of topics and disciplines that These include creativity, innovation, accreditation in the field of data science to an ‘expert’ level, artificial intelligence, machine learning, behavioral work (life skills, resilience), innovative sustainable projects, business-related applications and case studies.

An innovative approach

Zain followed an innovative approach in transmitting encrypted messages, when it was addressing computer and data certificate holders, in order to make sure that they reach the target minds capable of deciphering them, such as “Are you able to decipher what is mentioned above” and “If you can decipher Symbols of the above, you are the one we are looking for! ”And“ We are looking for those who can decipher the above. ”

A challenging journey

“Zain” indicated that the five graduates who were selected to participate in the “CODE 7” program are Sarah Al-Rabab, Abdulaziz Khalifa, Abdullah Al-Rasheed, Khaled Al-Jasem and Omar Saleh.

Zain has launched a campaign on social media to search for a group of graduates with degrees in the fields of computer science and software.

Messages included in this campaign included “If you are a graduate in computer science, software, and engineering, we are looking for you! Join us in (CODE 7), formerly known as (Generation Z), for an unforgettable journey full of challenges.

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