“Zain” adorns the entrance to the Capital Governorate

Zain announced its cooperation with the Capital Governorate to contribute to decorating and greening the main entrance of the capital and reintroducing it in a new look, as part of the governorate’s vision to beautify sites and areas in it in a way that reflects a civilized image of the country, and to activate the role of private sector institutions in achieving sustainable development in cooperation with the public sector. .

The company stated in a press release that the announcement of this cooperation came during the visit of the CEO of Zain Kuwait, Iman Al-Roudhan, to the office of the governor of the capital Sheikh Talal Khaled Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah at the headquarters of the governorate’s general office in Nayef Palace. This visit resulted in choosing Zain to develop the entrance. Main for the capital and provide maintenance for it.

Bader Al-Kharafi

Commenting on this cooperation, Al-Roudhan said, “At the outset, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the governor of the capital Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled for his kind efforts in making this partnership a success, which is nothing but a true reflection of effective cooperation between the public and private sectors in Kuwait for the sake of elevation. And the prosperity of our dear country at various levels and fields ».

Al-Rawdan affirmed that “there is no doubt that the Kuwaiti private sector is an important strategic partner in implementing local development plans, and indeed one of its basic pillars. Greening and maintenance of the main entrance to the capital governorate so that it appears in a way that reflects a civilized image of the country’s capital ».

She added, “We are well aware of the role of small and medium-sized companies in achieving economic and social development, as they represent a large part of the production channels in the country, and they have also become one of the main tools that drive development efforts. Therefore, we are looking forward to contracting with one of the emerging national companies to implement the project. The Kuwaiti entrepreneurs’ cards and their pivotal role in achieving various development projects.

Al-Roudhan stressed Zain’s full commitment to harnessing its material and human potentials in a way that strengthens ties with the various governmental bodies and institutions in Kuwaiti society, and its permanent readiness to contribute to the realization of the state’s development plans in various fields and levels for the sake of the prosperity and prosperity of Kuwait.

Commenting on the cooperation, the governor of the capital, Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled, praised the initiative of “Zain Kuwait” in establishing a distinguished monument in the governorate, which would present a creative and aesthetic dimension in it, pointing out that this monument will be established soon.

This came in a press statement to Al-Khaled on the sidelines of his meeting at the headquarters of the governorate’s general office with Eman Al-Roudhan and Walid Al-Khashti, chief executive of relations and communications at Zain.

Al-Khaled praised Zain’s efforts in social responsibility and serving its surrounding community, saying that the company’s keenness to distinguish the memorial and its design with the latest applicable technologies, in addition to its creative exit in a way that supports the visions of the governorate to beautify all sites and regions in it, is a matter of optimism and hope for what is characteristic of it. The people of Kuwait have a spirit of serving their country in various fields.

He called for more opportunities for the private sector’s voluntary efforts to serve the country, stressing that the frameworks for joint cooperation between the governorate and Zain Kuwait will continue to serve the community in accordance with the laws and regulations in force, and in a way that proposes new future horizons of constructive work between the two parties.

An invitation to emulate “Zain”

Al-Khaled called on all private sector institutions to follow the example of Zain Kuwait and to take the initiative to support the development frameworks in the country as part of their societal responsibilities in society.

Al-Khaled expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation to the Director General of the Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources Sheikh Muhammad Al-Youssef Al-Sabah, the Director General of Kuwait Municipality, Eng. .

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