Zain: 26 technology startups qualified for the semi-final stage of Zain Great Idea 6

– The stage will witness the participation of the final initiators from 8 Gulf and Arab countries in “ZGI Demo Day”

Zain, the leading digital services provider in Kuwait, announced that 26 emerging technology companies have qualified for the semi-final stage of its innovative program, “Zain Great Idea”, to accelerate and develop emerging technology companies in its sixth edition, a phase that will witness the participation of the final initiators from 8 Gulf and Arab countries in an event. “ZGI Demo Day”, which will allow them to present their startups in their final form in front of a group of investors and business partners for potential investment opportunities for their companies.

In a press release, the company stated that 26 of the nearly 160 companies participating in the program qualified for the semi-final stage, namely “Tedallal”, “Dana”, “Makan”, “Punch”, “BNCHR +” and “SNATCHR” from Kuwait. “Hayy”, “Shala”, “Bazaara”, “Sweech”, “Askwho”, “SCARLT”, and “Connected Community” from the Emirates, “Tamarun” and “Crowed Powered” from Lebanon and Bahrain, and “Paw Arabia” From Bahrain, “Trinjeh”, “My Book for You”, “Journey” and “Breez” from Saudi Arabia, “Vent” and “Loy Club” from the Sultanate of Oman, “Ostora” and “Branper” from Tunisia, and “Qurba” And Fulltact from Egypt.

Zain indicated that it has finally concluded the second phase of the program, which is the training camp phase, which was held virtually over a period of four weeks, and included specialized workshops, training lectures, and seminars in which elite academics and trainers from major international educational institutions such as «IE Business» participated. School, MIT, Stanford, and others, in addition to individual counseling sessions for each final participant.

The company explained that all stages of the sixth “Zain Great Idea” program came this year with a fully virtual version to comply with the health requirements imposed by the “Covid-19” pandemic, as the 26 finalists will move to the semi-final stage, which is the virtual “ZGI Demo Day” event. Through which they will be able to present their emerging technology companies in their final form in front of representatives of the investment community and business partners with the possibility of bringing promising investment opportunities for their companies to push them towards growth in the market and the transition to profitability.

She mentioned that after the end of the “ZGI Demo Day” event, the 26 initiators will move to the stage of joint development and “Zain” services, so that they will be able to fully benefit from the expertise of the company’s team to help them strengthen their startups in the best possible way, so that they can take advice and guidance, and benefit From offers, strategies and many other “Zain” experts in many vital areas for any emerging company, including sales, marketing, public relations, legal services, network solutions and information technology, digital partnerships, and others.

This year, Zain received many applications to register in the program from local and regional talent. Many entrepreneurs who have startups at the beginning of their careers or under establishment, especially those working in sectors related to technology, digital transformation and innovation, have been accepted.

The “Zain Great Idea” program provides a renewed opportunity for local and regional talent and the entrepreneurial community, as it is one of the most successful initiatives launched by Zain in the business environment in Kuwait under the umbrella of its integrated strategy for sustainability and support for innovation and entrepreneurship. The last ten years are hundreds of creative young Kuwaitis who have successful SMEs operating in the local and regional markets to this day.

Zain offers the program in joint cooperation with the Kuwaiti “Brilliant Lab” Foundation, which aims to accelerate small and medium-sized companies in Kuwait, and the “Mind The Bridge” global consulting firm (based in Silicon Valley in the United States) that seeks to provide a practical environment with standards. Global youth to innovate and accelerate their microenterprise.

“Zain” affirmed that it is aware of the importance of the role of private sector institutions in supporting areas of social and economic sustainability, and based on its growing commitment to the proper exercise of its social responsibility, it is committed to making positive effects in all its activities, and this is what prompted it to adopt the issues that affect the fabric of society. Including interest in the youth category, entrepreneurship and creativity.

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