Zack Snyder reveals Las Vegas zombie face in Army of the Dead

After Army of the Deads, the American director examines the case of “ghosts” in a film that promises to be marked by digital and all-out action.

In this specific case, we would all like what happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas. For his next film Zack Snyder has turned the gaming capital into a zombie-infested post-apocalyptic theater. In this undead quarantine zone, a band of mercenaries will try to recover a loot estimated at 200 million dollars, slaloming between ghosts doped and thirsty for fresh flesh.

In a new trailer, unveiled on March 13 by Netflix, we can observe the happy team led by former wrestler Dave Bautista – who plays in particular “Drax the destroyer” at Marvel – cutting zombies with a shovel in a montage epileptic. High point of the extract: a scrawny tiger with a threatening eye points the tip of its muzzle. Notorious digital enthusiast, Zack Snyder once again seems to have put special effects at the center of his project. Unfortunately, the mass of ghosts ofArmy of the Dead suffers in this trailer from a “mush” effect in three dimensions.

The film, however, promises a good dose of adrenaline with enough stakes to attach to its heroes and hope to see them succeed in their heist of a new kind. Far from double-read feature films at the Watchmen, Army of the Dead with these first extracts announces himself as a sympathetic and unpretentious “actuator”, drawing his DNA in the 1980s, the artistic touch of Zack Snyder in addition.

This is the second time that the American director has tried his hand at the zombie film genre, after Army of the dead (Dawn of the dead in original version) in 2004. First envisioned as a sequel, Army of the dead has finally liberated himself scriptwriting from his elder. It should be available on Netflix on May 21.


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