Yvon Le Men presentation

Return to Mont-Saint-Michel. To find oneself, in this magical place between sky and sea, with the memory of a faith of the coalman carried by his ancestors, tinged with marvels. A pilgrimage of words, written when it was not possible, due to a pandemic, to secure stones. This is what Yvon Le Men, 2019 Goncourt Prize for Poetry, offers us in this new collection where his verses, always sensitive and fraternal, mingle with quotes, texts and other poems, by Jean de la Croix. to Pope Francis through Blaise Cendrars and Pablo Neruda. A choral song to celebrate this space charged with so much energy. That of the mineral, that of the lights which reverberate, those of poet friends and writers who have passed away, such as Xavier Grall, Claude Vigée or Michel Le Bris, companions of a rise in oneself. An ideal space-time, delivered here under the gaze of angels and demons who hang from all ” may be “ of our lives.

Listen to this poem on: poesie.blogs.la-croix.com

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