“Yahaal” collects $ 27 million in a round of investment

The application of “Yahaal”, which specializes in the delivery of baby and child products, has completed a first-class investment round, in a deal worth more than $ 27 million, with success and with the support of the financing partner, Al-Mutamayz Al-Dawli Company, as the investment will be allocated to support the company’s expansion plan and develop its operational infrastructure.

“Yahaal” asserted in a statement that, through financing, it aims to continue competition in the market by strengthening the business portfolio, and to accelerate the expansion plan set by the work team, to benefit more from the growth witnessed by this industry.

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He indicated that he seeks to seize growth opportunities and achieve leadership in the sector of children and infants products, based on his capabilities to continue updating services through the digital shopping platform and developing it continuously.

Yahaal is a unique shopping platform that specializes in providing products for children of all ages, including newborns and infants, and providing express delivery services to customers within 30 minutes to many areas in Kuwait.

The platform gives parents many shopping options for a selection of baby products such as toys, diapers, milk products, strollers, car seats, skin care products, and more.

Yahaal has strengthened its presence on the Internet through its innovative services, by introducing a unique set of products that meet the needs of the Kuwaiti market, and adding distinct features to the application to facilitate the life of every family.

The app has expanded its activity since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, believing in the important role of serving the local consumer under the embargo, which caused the closure of all stores, which prompted the growth of this sector.

The founder and CEO of “Yahaal”, Ali Al-Zankawi, said that the completion of the investment round with the expected success confirms the confidence of financing agencies and investors in the growth prospects of the e-commerce sector, and in the company’s unique business model in a market witnessing an increasing demand for digital services.

He added that «Yahaal» adopts a sustainable approach based on providing the best services and unique and specialized products, to meet the needs of the market and support families through an innovative application that gives easy access to a variety of children’s products.

He added that in order to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction, the company has invested in the operational infrastructure to implement it, by including additional features that will improve the browsing experience, automated payment and online shopping in general.

Al-Zankawi stated that despite the “Covid-19” pandemic, and the disruption it caused to a number of market sectors around the world, the electronic shopping sector witnessed an increasing demand that contributed to pushing the business of this sector forward.

He pointed out that during the early stages of the epidemic, the company witnessed a large number of new customers joining the Yahaal platform, which boosted the size of its growing customer base.

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