Xtraview to sponsor students at the Harvard Youth Lead the Change

Chandigarh, March 4

In an endeavor to promote talent, Xtraview, a digital interview platform for students, has partnered with The Big Red Group to sponsor a full scholarship for two students to participate in the 2021 Harvard Youth Lead the Change (YLC) conference.

The Harvard Youth Lead the Change is a prestigious 7-day leadership program that offers a life changing experience to students to unleash their leadership capabilities.

The scholarship is valued at Rs 40,000 and students are selected through a rigorous screening process. Students can participate in this scholarship through their schools or independently through the wild card entry. Through the wild card entry, any student studying in any high school (any board) across India can participate.

The entry through schools closed on March 1. However, the last date of entry through Wild Card is March 7, 2021 and the results will be announced on March 24, 2021.

The wild card entry is open for any student across India. The wild card entries will only be eligible for half the scholarship amount whereas students who are nominated by their schools will get full scholarship. As a part of the program, selected students will also receive one-on-one mentorship from Harvard trainers for 12 months.

Furthermore, five shortlisted students through the wild card category will undergo a training session at the Xtraprep workshop and Xtraview interview round, where they will be trained on communication skills and ways to excel in their interviews. This Xtraprep workshop or Xtraview interview does not entail any fees and is free of cost as a part of this collaborative tie-up.

The first step of the selection process is a 2-minute self-recorded video which talks about how he / she is a perfect candidate to receive the scholarship and seat to attend the Harvard YLC program.

For details, check out https://xtraview.in/harvard-ylc-scholarship/

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