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Matteo Salvini’s trial postponed to October 23

The trial of Italian far-right leader Matteo Salvini, accused of illegally blocking migrants at sea in 2019 while he was Minister of the Interior, opened on Wednesday September 15 in Palermo (Sicily) but was immediately returned to October 23. Matteo Salvini is accused of kidnapping people and abuse of power for having prohibited the disembarkation of 147 migrants rescued at sea by the NGO Open Arms in August 2019.



Confusion in the investigation into the assassination of President Moïse

The investigation into the assassination of the Haitian president in July by an armed commando again turned to confusion on Tuesday, September 14, exposing the internal struggles at the head of the country. The chief prosecutor of Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, asked in the morning the judge investigating the murder of Jovenel Moïse to indict the prime minister, because of phone calls he allegedly had with the one of the main suspects in the case. But, a few hours later, a dramatic turn of events: the Prime Minister announces sacking the prosecutor for “Serious administrative fault”.


Korean Peninsula

Pyongyang and Seoul launch missile fire

North Korea and South Korea both fired missiles on Wednesday (September 15th) in what looks like a real arms race between these two countries still at war. Seoul launched a ballistic missile from a submarine, and Pyongyang fired two ballistic missiles at sea. South Korea became the seventh country in the world to have this advanced technology, a major strategic advance.


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