Words and wonders

Not long ago, I took my hat off to Fabien Roussel, for having launched, in a great burst of laughter, that with him it would no longer be the “runoff” dear to Emmanuel Macron, but the “rustling”. Either an immediate increase in pensions and salaries. A reader, while welcoming this play on words, points out to me that it is nonetheless ambiguous to say the least. Indeed, he remarks, one can just as well hear “Roussel is lying”. And that’s annoying, especially when you promise mountains and wonders. Did Fabien Roussel think about it? Anyway, now he knows (if he reads The cross). It’s up to him. Perhaps it is enough, to cut short any controversy about a possible admission of a lie, to tweet a sentence like: “Le Roussel denies that Le Roussel is lying about the russelling. » It will make the minds of the voters work. And precisely, speaking of puns, this same reader tells me that he recently came across an article in a newspaper mentioning “the intervention of a sinophile brigade after the collapse of a house”. France certainly has many Sinophiles, the most famous of whom is undoubtedly Jean-Pierre Raffarin. But, well, from there to form a brigade… That said, concludes, magnanimously, my correspondent, the confusion between cynophile and sinophile can be understood, dog being indeed the anagram of China. As for moviegoers, we’ll talk about it next time, if you don’t mind.


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