Women sweep shisha cafes

The Corona pandemic changed many daily habits, and among the things that were greatly affected was the closure of shisha cafes, after returning to normal life, a significant decrease in the turnout was observed compared to what it was before.

While it was noted in a tour by Al-Watan that a number of cafes in eastern Riyadh provide sections for families, which are accepted by women at a much higher rate than young men.

suitable destination

With the increase in the demand for these popular cafés, women, girls and families, the owners of these cafés prepared and improved them to compete with the places they used to go to, which in another way were of a luxurious and comfortable character compared to them while maintaining the nature of simplicity and inexpensiveness, which made it a suitable destination for everyone.

hookah prices

While one of the workers explained that the turnout is not the same as before, especially that the price of Ras al-Ma’asal almost doubled, and the commitment to the presence of certain numbers of visitors in addition to the spacing had an impact on the decrease in the number of visitors, in addition to an increase in taking preventive health measures, especially in hookah, as it It is subject to the sterilization process every time and the need to use the “plastic lily” only once or for the customer to bring it.

A worker in another cafe also confirmed that the rise in hookah prices is the most prominent factor in the decline in visitors, as before the pandemic, the price of one head ranged between 35 and 40 riyals, while now it is 60 riyals with the availability of an alternative, which is a completely plastic hookah that is used once. One and it is my favorite. Currently, most of the visitors to the cafe believe that it is safer than the traditional one. The price of one head is 95 riyals, and the customer has the right to take it with him in addition to the high drinks.

preference for traditional

On a visit to a café, he serves a traditional hookah with a “plastic lid”, which is used once, and after the customer is finished, it is placed in a place designated for sterilization for a whole day, and its price is 60 riyals. .

feeling comfortable

One of the cafe-goers reported that for the place, he no longer met friends and exchanged conversations, which is one of the daily habits that he used to practice before the pandemic, as he preferred hookah in his home more and fewer visits to cafes for various reasons, including his fear of the Corona virus, in addition to high prices.

Walid said that eating shisha at home is not recommended for him or his friends because they do not feel completely comfortable, while in the café they can take their rest from joking and other conversations.

Zakaria, a visitor to the cafe, added that before the pandemic, he used to go to cafes because it is a place that brings together groups of society, to meet friends, follow matches, and to play with electronic devices, balots, etc., but after the pandemic, his habits changed and he preferred home hookah more.

Women are more inclined to popular cafes than young men

Strictly apply precautions, reduce the number of visitors

Prices are twice as high as before the pandemic

– Regulatory authorities make daily rounds to implement preventive precautions


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