Women have mastered the wicker industry for 40 years

Immortal treasures and crafts, expressing the ancient heritage of Najran, and one of the signs of manual creativity is the manufacture of wicker and paper, which is one of the most important things that women do in the region. The fronds are cracked, wet them with water, then braid them and leave them in the sunlight for a while to dry, then start sewing the braid; To make products such as: baskets, baskets, etc.

Sell ​​business

The wicker industry adds a source of livelihood, as it began to display these works, whether at its home, farm or in the popular market years ago, to inform visitors and tell them passionately without taking any financial compensation because it believes that this beautiful heritage is worth living and is passed down to all generations and that the future of this simple craft needs Support, concern and development, as they are at risk of extinction.

Artistic creativity

The Khous industry is an artistic creation with different forms of beautifully made dishes and baskets, and expresses the importance of palm trees and their use in making many things, as they are heritage industries that take us back to the old days, where grandparents ate what they planted and wore what they made with their hands, so the life of the fathers in the past was inspired by The components of the environment surrounding them and despite the scarcity of their environment resources, they were able to challenge the difficulties, and developed innovative ways, to manufacture household appliances that serve them in their daily lives. Important purposes in domestic use, as is the manufacture of wicker and strips of simple industries, which represent a source of livelihood for many women.


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