Without any remorse, In blind spots, Oxygen… Online movies to watch or not, this week

While waiting for the reopening of cinemas in a week, the drafting of Figaro offers a selection of new products available on streaming platforms or VOD.

To have

Oxygen, a breathtaking thriller

Anticipation thriller sculpted by technical constraints and concerns about confinement, Oxygen offers the perfect suffocating camera on Netflix: a protagonist, a place, a countdown. Camped by Mélanie Laurent who delivers a tour de force, Liz wakes up with a start, packed with infusions and sensors, in a cryogenic chamber without the slightest memory: who and where is she? Why is she locked up? Is she healthy, sick or mad as visions from a past life suggest? The answers are urgent, the oxygen reserves are at their lowest and she risks suffocation. As the only ally or jailer – doubt is allowed – an on-board artificial intelligence named Milo, to whom Mathieu Amalric lends his disembodied, sometimes threatening voice. To say more would be criminal. CJ

Available on Netflix

In blind spots , paranormal paranoia

New England has a chill-out aura. Land of the Salem Witches and the legendary Headless Horseman of Sleepy hollow, immortalized by Tim Burton. This superstition, these sad trolling skies feed the curious Netflix film, In blind spots. Based on the novel by Elizabeth Brundage which was inspired by the theories of convergence between the spiritual and material worlds of the Swedish Enlightenment philosopher Emanuel Swedenborg, this film, by Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini, pays homage to Gothic classics and behind closed doors esoteric like The Tower of Nut. It starts off as a haunted house movie. Then branches off halfway into an oppressive marriage thriller. All in a twilight twilight which owes so much to Barry lindon of Kubrick than the landscape paintings of painter George Inness and those Hudson School colleagues who play a crucial role in the plot. Appreciated art restorer, Catherine Claire (Amanda Seyfried seen in Mank ) leaves New York for the countryside so that her husband, George (James Norton happy to play on his face), can teach at a small local university. In search of a new start, the lovebirds and their little girl, Franny, buy an 18th century farme century. It doesn’t matter if the paint is peeling or the dilapidated building creaks. Very quickly, strange electrical phenomena occur there. Catherine finds a hundred-year-old bible which suggests that successive housewives have met a tragic fate. Paranoia seeps through this couple in the midst of a crisis who hardly needed evil signs to settle scores and sink into the era of suspicion. CJ

Available on Netflix

The fall of the American Empire, Quebec-style robbery

Money does not buy happiness but it contributes to it, seems to say Denys Arcand in the new and undoubtedly last part of a “false»Trilogy: The Fall of the American Empire after The Decline of the American Empire around intellectuals who discussed happiness (1986) and The Barbarian Invasions imagined after the death of his parents (2003). “Embodiment of the good citizen“,”very clever»And generous, Pierre-Paul (Alexandre Landry), a delivery man, witnesses a murderous hold-up. First startled, then crossed by a flash of lucidity, the thirty-something seizes the loot abandoned by the criminals. His life changes dramatically. Pierre-Paul comes out of his shell to take it in hand. Surrounded himself with a band of nickel-plated feet to face gang leader and lawyers: an attractive and cultured escort girl (Maripier Morin, a revelation, the young woman is a television host in Canada), a clever ex-inmate nicknamed “The Brain»(Rémy Girard) and an unscrupulous business lawyer (Pierre Curzi). It is no coincidence that the hero of the Quebec director quotes Aristotle. There is a lot of wisdom in this comedy mixed with a pamphlet-like thriller. NS

Available on Arte.tv

You can see

Without any remorse , the origins of John Kelly

Directed by Stefano Sollima (to whom we owe all the episodes of the series Romanzo criminal and part of those of Gomorra), this adaptation of a book by Tom Clancy should have been released in theaters. But the Covid-19 epidemic decided otherwise. Rejected several times, this film, imbued with the latest technologies, and bathed in a heady scent of the Cold War, finally released on Amazon Prime, while being broadcast on video on demand. The story, which takes place in the book in the 1970s during the Vietnam War, is transposed into the context of a more contemporary conflict. It features a group of American soldiers tasked with recovering a hostage in Syria. The operation is carried out undercover by an agent named Robert Ritter (Jamie Bell, more devious than ever). John Kelly, played by Michael B. Jordan (the rising actor, seen in Creed or Black panther), will succeed in its mission. As he returns to his hometown in the United States, where his wife is expecting him with a baby girl, she leaves him with a bitter taste. And the reprisals will not be long … Because Private Kelly has been betrayed. Drunk with rage and revenge, he plunges into the murky swamp of geopolitics. The former Navy Seal soon uncovers a vast plot that threatens to unleash all-out war between America and Russia. At the highest level, we are trying to eliminate it. On the chessboard of evil, even if he thinks himself a simple pawn, John Kelly has incredible resources to defeat his opponents. OD

Available on Amazon Prime

Mr. Papa, a fair comedy

Kad Merad goes behind the camera for the first time with Mr. Papa, a tender and light fable around childhood and filiation, of which he also plays the title role. The actor lends his features to a surrogate father. Robert, an unemployed executive, plays the housekeeper, just to get by. When Marie, one of his neighbors, offers him to play the unknown father of her son, whom the latter idealizes too much, he accepts… Weaving around a huge lie, the intrigue of this scenario signed Anne Valton and Luc Chaumar , adapted by Emmanuelle Cosso, immediately plays on the sensitive chord. Going from funny to seriousness without false notes, and without falling into melodrama or easy caricature, Mr. Papa hit the mark. The characters, sketched with delicacy, turn out to be more endearing than the others. NJ

Available on Disney +


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