Winter storm hits parts of America

Millions of Americans stayed home Sunday as a major winter storm hit the eastern United States with snow and ice, causing power outages and disruptions to land and air transportation. And the National Weather Service warned that “a major winter storm will hit the eastern United States between Sunday and Monday,” expecting that up to 30 centimeters of snow will cover an area stretching from Tennessee to Georgia in the southeast of the country, to Vermont and New York state in the northeast.

It will be accompanied by strong winds and icy rain. The authority indicated that the winds may reach the strength of a hurricane on the country’s coast overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Several states indicated that the main road hubs were affected by the storm on Sunday evening. Thousands of flights were canceled while part of an interstate highway was closed in North Carolina. Drivers were instructed that “road conditions are dangerous” with traffic jams from Arkansas (south) to Maine (northeast).

The National Weather Service said, “Ice conditions that already dominate the central and eastern United States will mix with this storm and cause a thick layer of snow of more than 30 centimeters.” It expected 2.5 centimeters of snow per hour on Monday, and snow will be on Tuesday.

And the state of Florida (southeast), which is usual for mild weather conditions at this time of the year, was indirectly affected, as several vortices caused by the winter storm caused property damage and flooding in coastal areas on Sunday, according to the Weather Channel station. North and South Carolina, up to the Appalachian Mountains, was subjected to a wave of ice and strong winds.

The storm warning includes more than 80 million people, according to the American media. About 3,000 domestic and international flights were canceled as of Sunday afternoon, according to FlightAware, while another 4,200 flights were delayed. – State of emergency – And nearly 235,000 people suffered from power outages in the southeast of the country, but it appears that service has returned to several areas on Sunday evening, bringing the number of those still without a current to less than 154 thousand. In Georgia, one of the states hardest hit by the storm, Governor Brian Kemp declared a state of emergency Friday as bulldozers cleared snow to clear roads. Atlanta, which has a temperate climate, has usually seen snowfall.

Virginia and North Carolina also declared states of emergency. And the station “Wather Channel” reported that the thickness of the snow reached more than 30 centimeters in the last state. And Virginia police announced on Twitter that they had recorded several non-hazardous traffic accidents and halted traffic on a highway in the south of the state. North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper confirmed in a tweet that “the thickness of the snow was up to 30 centimeters in some areas Sunday afternoon” and that “the snow is causing problems in the middle of the state,” calling on residents to stay indoors as much as possible and avoid transportation. In this state, the roof of a residence for university students collapsed, according to the local ABC station, but no injuries were reported. Student Melody Ferguson of Brevard College told the station: “The accident was very horrific. I am still terrified.” The snow covered the northeastern United States in early January, and its thickness was about thirty centimeters. Hundreds of drivers were stranded for nearly 20 hours on a highway leading to Washington, DC.

The National Weather Service said the storm would reach eastern Canada on Tuesday.


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