William Friedkin: “My films don’t say who I am”

The Luxembourg Film Festival pays tribute to the 85-year-old American filmmaker, from March 4 to 14. Lover of France and friend of Alain Resnais, the director of French Connection or from The exorcist reveals some of its trade secrets.

For his 11e edition, the Luxembourg City Film Festival was to present an honorary prize for all of his work to William Friedkin, the director of French Connection or from The Exorcist. Covid obliges, the filmmaker could not make the trip. Nevertheless, he recorded a master class, which will be available online, for this event chaired by Sandrine Bonnaire, which offers indoor and online screenings from March 4 to 14. Francophile to the tips of his nails, talkative, energetic and endowed with an elephant’s memory, Friedkin answers the questions of the Figaro without language, with a great attention to detail that commands admiration.

LE FIGARO. – The pandemic prevents you from being present in Luxembourg to receive this “Life Achievement Award”. Do you regret it?

William FRIEDKIN. – Of course, but I am very happy that the Lux Film Festival wanted to pay tribute to my work. Even though I had imagined getting closer to France, a country that I love so much. Moreover, at the moment, I am rereading Marcel

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