Will Bitcoin rise to $ 146,000?

Bitcoin hit new records after breaking the level of $ 56,000 in recent days, the highest level ever recorded by the virtual cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin rose to breach the level of $ 56,101, but it recorded a rise in the past hours by 9 percent, to settle yesterday morning at the level of $ 55,681, while its total market value jumped to the level of $ 1038.5 billion, according to the “Coin Market Cap” platform.

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And these record highs recorded by the “Bitcoin” currency may lead to the expectations of the International Investment Bank “JP Morgan”, which suggested in a research note the first of last month that the “Bitcoin” currency would achieve significant additional gains in the long term to reach 146 thousand dollars, Because it competes with gold to attract investment inflows.

He pointed out that the market value of Bitcoin might rise 4.6 times to a theoretical price of $ 146,000, to match the total private sector investment in gold through exchange-traded funds or bullion and coins.

In terms of the combined gains of digital currencies, it jumped 3.4 percent, winning about $ 56.4 billion, after it rose from the level of $ 1662 billion in Friday’s trading to about $ 1718.4 billion in Saturday morning’s trading.

In second place, the “Ethereum” currency, which jumped 5.6 percent to reach the level of $ 2011, its highest level ever, came in second place, and its total market value rose to settle at the level of $ 231.8 billion.

The “Binance Coin” currency ranked third after it jumped by nearly 120 percent in the last week, but it rose over the past hours by 21.2 percent to settle at $ 289 in yesterday’s trading, and its total market value rose to about $ 45.4 billion. .

In fourth place came the “Polka Dot” currency, which recorded an increase of 24.4 percent, to settle at $ 37.58 in trading yesterday morning, while its total market value jumped to the level of $ 34.3 billion.

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