Wild West: a laboratory of ideas for French genre cinema

Carried by a new breath since Serious by Julia Ducournau in 2016, the fantasy, horror or even science-fiction film will now be able to count on a new production company.

Fostering the development in France of fantastic, horror and science fiction films and series is the stated ambition of the new production company Wild West. This genre cinema label was launched on Wednesday by producers and distributors Vincent Maraval (Wild Bunch) and Thierry Lounas (Capricci).

Based in Bayonne and Bordeaux, Wild West will be dedicated to “100% in genre cinema in the broad sense», That is to say also to the detective, thriller or superhero films, specifies the direction in a press release. The company will offer each year “a dozen feature film and series projects” Has “fundraising, remake, or series conceptShe added.

All will have “is the subject of a one-year development within the So Film (writing) Residence», A creative laboratory based in Bordeaux, initiated in 2016 by Thierry Lounas, director of the monthly So Film and the production company Capricci. The first project to have emerged from this residency, The Cloud – on a farmer trying her hand at breeding edible grasshoppers which prove to be greedy for blood -, released on June 16 in theaters.

Wild West unveiled on Wednesday “around ten film and series projects already scripted“. Among them, Orla’s hands, a fantastic thriller written by Dominique Baumard, with Melvil Poupaud. The actor plays there a virtuoso pianist who lost his hands in a car accident and finds himself seized with murderous impulses after a revolutionary transplant.

A special effects studio

Also on the rails, the series Swans, written by Dominique Baumard and Mathieu Mégemont and produced by the latter, “a supernatural thriller with psychedelic flights», With actor Karim Leklou (Hippocrates). Or Incarnation, a film by Mael Le Mée with India Hair (Mandibles, Poissonsexe), on a young girl in artificial flesh.

The launch of Wild West is accompanied by that of Bordeaux digital, “special effects studio which will be closely linkedTo its productions. “Wild West offers a French genre cinema»Telling«the world today“And leaving”codes of the genre», Assures Thierry Lounas, quoted in the press release. “It is also a great laboratory for a new generation of filmmakers who are no longer necessarily screenwriters of their films.He adds.

French genre cinema has experienced a revival since the release in 2016 of Serious by Julia Ducournau, also director of Titanium, selected in competition at Cannes this year.


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