Wig, powder and brocades… Johnny Depp in the skin of Louis XV for Maïwenn

“Johnny got along very well with Maïwenn, we already feel a real bond between them.” POOL / REUTERS

In Jeanne du Barrycurrently filming in France, the star of Pirates of the Caribbean interprets the old king struggling with his last courtesan.

On Wednesday August 10, the distributor Le Pacte shared the first official photo of Johnny Depp, in the skin of Louis XV. No more pirate costumes, the American actor camps, in the film Jeanne du Barry by director Maïwenn, the unloved of French royalty. The only snapshot taken in profile shows an unrecognizable Johnny Depp: pale complexion, blindfolded, decked out in long blond hair in a ponytail topped with a headgear.

Johnny Depp is in his first role since his high-profile libel lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard. The filming, which started on July 26 and will last until October, is taking place in particular in Versailles and in other castles in the Paris region, specifies Deadline . Producer Maïwenn will also play Jeanne du Barry, the king’s last favorite.

“Maïwenn wanted to work with him for a long time, it was the occasion. It’s a film with a budget of 20 million euros, so the production wanted something heavy… And then Johnny got along very well with Maïwenn, we already feel a real bond between them. reported at the end of June to Here is a close source. This historical drama also includes Benjamin Lavernhe, Pierre Richard, Melvil Poupaud, Noémie Lvovsky, Pascal Greggory and India Hair in the cast.

A private French teacher

Coming to give a concert at the Umbria Jazz Festival, the 59-year-old American was photographed getting out of a car in the company of a smiling young woman. Rumors swirled, suggesting it was his new girlfriend. But the TMZ site reveals that she is only his French teacher, hired to give him private lessons. In effect, Jeanne du Barry is entirely shot in the language of Molière.

Directed by Maïwenn, filming started at the end of July in Paris and Ile-de-France, notably in Versailles. The pact

Despite his love affair with Vanessa Paradis and a small role in French in the film They married and had many children, by Yvan Attal, Johnny Depp needs to correct his American accent to embody the tricolor sovereign.


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