Wife seizes 400 thousand and takes off her husband

A woman seized an amount of 400,000 from her husband under the pretext of entering her into a project, which caused the husband to file a case against her, claiming that she defrauded him and deceived him until she was able to do so, as he transferred the amount to her and after a month passed, she started making problems between them, and then she filed a divorce case.

The details of the incident

The details are due to the fact that a fiftieth husband applied to file a case against his wife, for seizing an amount of money that belonged to him, explaining that she was insisting on him opening a project and she would supervise it, and after his approval she asked him to open a women’s salon and asked him for 400 thousand for Equipping the salon and paying the rent.

He pointed out that after a month had passed from the transfer of the money to her, her treatment changed and when asked about the project she evaded it with unconvincing arguments, and the matter developed as she started to create problems between them and then asked for divorce, and after he refused to divorce her, she filed a case of divorce explaining that he wanted to recover his money I took it.

The donation is not refundable

Lawyer Saleh Al-Ghamdi asserted that in the event that a person gives money to another with his consent, and it is not a debt, he is not entitled to demand its withdrawal, and this money is considered a gift from the husband because it is not required to write this in a contract in order to be able to recover his money.

He continued: “Therefore, he is not entitled to file a case against the wife because the gift, charity, gift and gift, their meanings are close. , And in the event that this fails, it is referred to the judge, and the basic and legal conditions must be met in order for the wife to obtain a khula ‘.

Financial disputes

Social worker Bandar Al-Rahili noted, “Financial problems between spouses are the most between the two parties, and usually they occur because of the husband’s inability to provide for the wife and his family’s requirements, or it may be due to the husband’s stinginess, as there are many men who have financial ability but are stingy in giving the wife and his children This introduces the spouses into endless conflict and problems, and there is another type that is due to the greed of the wife looking for money, especially if her husband has the financial ability, so she takes advantage of that, and these problems have a negative impact on the relationship, and the prior and clear agreement with all the income items, and spending from the beginning will save on The spouses endless discussions about money ».


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