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Did you make the same observation? A few weeks after the start of the first confinement, I discovered that many neighbors, acquaintances and friends had seized the period to commit, as if seized with an irrepressible need to be useful. Many have turned to food aid for the homeless who, at a time when everyone was asked to stay at home, appeared to be the castaways of confinement. Often on the margins of large associations, sometimes with them, a small hive of unsold collectors, cooks, marauders then activated, tinkering with a whole panoply of improbable solutions, inventing a kind of brotherhood of anonymous solidarity, a little Republic of helping hands.

It is this story that I wanted to tell you. To do so, I went to discover the actors who invested themselves in a place that I know well, on the 20the arrondissement of Paris, which includes both some of the poorest districts of the capital and a very dynamic associative fabric. In this territory, which is perhaps a magnifying mirror of what is happening elsewhere, the collectives engaged in food aid are even more numerous than I expected. But, a year and a half later, are they still active? What remains of this momentum?


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