Why Twitter has discontinued Fleets

While it did not last only 8 months, Twitter officially dispensed with the Fleets feature, as it found that the Snapchat-like feature was not widely popular among users.

The platform’s decision to scrap Fleets is an admission that the feature hasn’t worked, and that the company has yet to figure out how to get people to tweet more.

According to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, the time of the Fleets feature on the platform did not last long, as Twitter began testing it last year with other features such as “Twitter Blue” and premium followers, before launching it globally in November 2020.

Commenting on the decision to cancel the feature, the official Twitter account said last month: “We are sorry or welcome,” noting that some users would be happy to get rid of the feature.

The “Fleets” feature, which disappeared from the application today, Tuesday, allows users to share tweets and photos to remain at the top of their account for 24 hours, similar to “Instagram” and “Facebook” stories.

Twitter’s head of product, branding and video advertising, Elijah Brown, said of the company’s decision that users were not as accepting of the new feature as the company had expected.


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